ICYMI: Week of October 3 – WHS phone policy, letter on school shootings and WHS France trip


Credit: Nat Hsu

Nadya Chase

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


WSPN’s Aimee Smith shared an infographic about student stress. Staff Reporters Emma Zocco and Mischa Lee reported on the new WHS phone policy.

Lee also interviewed the freshmen class president candidates, and WSPN’s Aimee Smith wrote about WHS hosting PSATS.


Smith shared information about the WHS France trip set to take place in April of 2023.

“With COVID-19 cases decreasing, travel opportunities are beginning to open up again, and Wayland High School plans to take full advantage of that by sending its first group of students to France since the trip was canceled in 2020,” Smith wrote.


WSPN’s Tess Alongi produced a gallery about the WHS golf match against Cambridge Rindge and Latin. Meanwhile, Zocco photographed the girls varsity soccer game against Boston Latin.


Editor Talia Macchi reviewed the “Infinite Dream” album by Bazzi and wrote about the orange and teal phsych for the varsity football game on Friday, October 7. Staff Reporters Hallie Luo and Selena Liu shared the top activities to do this fall.


WSPN’s Reva Datar wrote a letter to her sister about school shootings. Co-Editor-in-Chief Emily Roberge wrote about Giorga Meloni’s threat on democracy. WSPN’s Tess Alongi shared her opinion on the abuse within the NWSL.


Staff Reporters Lucy Grasso, Morgen Warner and Abby Raftery spoke about Yom Kippur and Friday class meetings during episode 60 of Weekly Breakdown. Co-Editor Jackie Cahaly, along with Grasso and Raftery, reviewed Dumpling Daughter in the 5th episode of Picky Eater Picks.