ICYMI: Week of December 12 – science teacher Kristin Cowell resigns, WHS fall all-star athletes and World Cup controversies


Credit: Nat Hsu

Nadya Chase

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


Staff Reporters Melina Barris and Bowen Morrison interviewed WHS students about the national butter shortage. Meanwhile, Co-Editor-in-Chief Emily Roberge and WSPN’s Tess Alongi broke the news about science teacher Kristin Cowell resigning.


Editor Delia Caulfield reported on the success of the 2022 WHS cross country team. WSPN’s Sasha Libenzon and Deirdre Brown shared WSPN fall all-star athletes. Libenzon also wrote about the boys hockey team playing at the varsity level again.


Libenzon and Staff Reporter Hallie Luo photographed the first IBL games of the season.

“The blue team defeated the orange team, the white team beat the black team and the red team fell short to the pink team,” Libenzon and Luo wrote.


Staff Reporter Selena Liu recommended five of her favorite young adult books. WSPN’s Kris Poole-Evans reviewed the song “HUSH RUSH” by Lee Chaeyeon.

Barris and Staff Reporter Jessi Dretler reviewed the movie “Terrifier 2.” Meanwhile, Luo and Staff Reporter Tina Su reviewed the movie “Glass Onion.”


Alongi wrote about the college admission process at WHS and what a “good” college is. Staff Reporter Chloe Zilembo discussed her experience as an athlete who suffered a concussion. Editor Katya Luzarraga and WSPN’s Bella Schreiber shared their side-by-side opinions about the controversies of the 2022 World Cup.


Staff Reporters Emma Zocco and Carolina Sdoia interviewed WHS students about their holiday traditions. Alongi produced a video about the highlights of the Wayland girls varsity game against Shrewsbury.