ICYMI: Week of May 22 – junior prom, track and field DCL championship meet and Window’s Memorial Day show


Credit: Nat Hsu

Selena Liu

In the weekly series,“In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Selena Liu summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


Editor Selena Liu wrote a news brief about Window Dance Ensemble’s Memorial Day Show.

“After many months of preparation, Wayland High School’s Window Dance Ensemble will host its annual spring show on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium,” Liu wrote. “It will be the group’s last performance of the year.”

WSPN’s Mischa Lee and Staff Reporter Carolina Sdoia photographed junior prom. Editor Sasha Libenzon photographed the track and field team’s Dual County League (DCL) championship meet.

Staff Reporter Kris Poole-Evans reviewed Lee Chaeyeon’s new album, “Over The Moon.” Staff Reporters Deidre Brown, Lucy Grasso and Jackie Cahaly tasted their favorite spring iced teas. Staff Reporter Melina Barris produced an infographic about WHS students’ summer jobs.

WSPN’s Jenny Shine, Chloe Zilembo and Ryan Chase wrote about their takes on free periods. Staff Reporter Bowen Morrison shared his opinion about the Boston Celtics’ bright future. WSPN’s Jeffery Zhang predicted that Manchester City would win the 2023 UEFA Champions League.