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Warrior Weekly: Low point

Harry Falber

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This week, Harry discusses what the Patriots need to do during the offseason to step up their game for next year's football season. Check out his four tips for success.

Is anyone out there in a good mood? Not only did we have midterms this week, but the Patriots were also beaten in one of the most lopsided games played at Gillette.

While most of my anger is directed at the Patriots right now, here is your weekly Warrior update.

The week of January 14 was a solid week for the Warriors. As a whole, we ended up with a weekly record of 8-5-1.

Boys basketball won all three of their games, beating Waltham 71-61, Bedford 85-67 and Warwick 79-53. Girls basketball had a tough week, losing all three of their games.

Girls hockey beat Waltham but lost to Chelmsford. Boys hockey went 0-1-1 during the week of January 14. They tied Dover-Sherborn 3-3 and lost to Weston 3-2.

Swimming and diving continued their excellent season, going 3-0, but I would like to formally apologize to the swim team. Last week, I called you guys “the New England Patriots of winter sports.” You should not have to be compared to that team. You do not disappoint your fans year in and year out with the same problems.

Does anyone sense a little bitterness coming from me right now?

Yes, the Patriots lost again in the playoffs. As successful as they have been, they still have the longest title drought out of the big four Boston sports teams. The Patriots have fallen short in the postseason too many times in the past eight seasons since their last Super Bowl win.

After their last three playoff losses (Sunday to the Ravens, last year’s Super Bowl against the Giants and the loss to the Jets in the Divisional round in 2009), I have come away with the same thoughts at the end of the game: The Patriots don’t have any real wide receivers, they don’t have any real defensive backs, they need a defensive coordinator that will challenge Bill Belichick’s thoughts and they need some pass rush.

With these thoughts in mind, I believe the Patriots need a drastic overhaul this off-season. Here is how I would make these improvements based on my concerns listed above:

1. Sign Dwayne Bowe or Mike Wallace.
The Patriots have known that they need a harsh threat for a long time. They have tried to fill that need with cheap players like Chad Ochocinco and Brandon Lloyd, but it hasn’t worked. It’s time for the Patriots to hand out big money to real receivers.

2. Re-sign Aqib Talib and sign Ed Reed.
What? Sign Ed Reed? That is crazy! No it actually isn’t. With Ray Lewis gliding off into the sunset of retirement after the Super Bowl, the Ravens will look to make their defense younger. Signing Ed Reed will give the Patriots a veteran who can teach a few things to the younger guys.

3. Add Rob Ryan and Eric Mangini to the coaching staff.
The Patriots won championships in the early 2000s with their defense. Ryan coached the linebackers while Mangini coached the defensive backs. Bringing them back would make our defense a lot better. In fact, Romeo Crennel, the defensive coordinator for the championship teams, is out there too. Bring him back. Bring them all back.

4. Trade Tom Brady.
Yes I said it. Trade Tom Brady. It is time. Brady has not been “Tom Terrific” in the playoffs for a while, and he is no longer young. Brady will be 36 next season. That is not young in the NFL. Just take a look at the ages of the past four quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl:
2011: Eli Manning, 31
2010: Aaron Rodgers, 27
2009: Drew Brees, 31
2008: Ben Roethlisberger, 26

The winner this year will be either Joe Flacco, who is 28, or Colin Kaepernick, who is 25. Older QBs are not winning Super Bowls. Trade Brady while he still has value on the open market.

Well, I hope everyone has a good weekend and that midterms went well! Is it too early to say go Sox?

“I don’t Twitter, I don’t MyFace, I don’t YearBook. I don’t do any of those things, so I’d probably be the last to know.” -Bill Belichick

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3 Responses to “Warrior Weekly: Low point”

  1. football fan on January 25th, 2013 5:31 PM

    ya trade brady….the only reason we even got to the championship game. also wes welker isn't a "good" receiver? neither is gronk nor hernandez? they're pro bowl players. mangini and belichick hate eachother and rob ryan ruined a skilled cowboys defense. the patriots don't need any changes, they were still arguably the best team this regular season and just because they've had a few bad games the last couple postseasons doesn't mean the team needs to be revamped


    Harry Falber Reply:

    Read this article…. It emphasis's the point I was making. If you really want to know, how many qbs have won the Super Bowl after they were 36? Only 3 (John Elway did it twice). Everybody gets old. The time to trade him is now.


    BORAT Reply:



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Warrior Weekly: Low point