Warrior Weekly: One left standing

Allison Wei


This week, Harry discusses the last winter sports team competing: boys' hockey.

Well, we are officially in the “one team left” stage of the winter season. That one team is boys’ hockey. Before I talk about them, I’d like to congratulate boys’ basketball on a great season. They had a tough loss last Wednesday, but I know that next season, they will come back even stronger. With a slew of returning juniors, they could have a great year.

Now onto hockey. The boys crushed Lynn on Sunday 6-1, with goals scored by senior Charlie Cope, junior Peter Orlandella, sophomore Jake Brady and a hat trick from junior Nick Morgan. Now the team will face Watertown this Thursday for a chance to play in the Division III North Championship. I will talk more about that game and about the upcoming spring season in my next blog post.

I hope you guys enjoyed Cara’s blog post a few weeks ago. She put her own spin on my blog, and I think it went really well. Who knows, maybe she will write a few more by the end of the year.

Nothing else is really happening in sports right now. This is that boring period after football ends and before baseball starts. Yes I know the NHL and NBA are still going on, but the Celtics are absolutely terrible, and their season begins on the night of the draft lottery. The Bruins aren’t terrible, but their real season starts when the NHL playoffs start.

Also, the snow really needs to melt because spring tryouts are in two weeks. We all remember how they went last year when we were all stuck in the field house, right?

Since there isn’t much to talk about, I’ll leave this post pretty short. Talk to you guys next week!