Featured Artist: Calvin Laituri

Sammy Keating

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When did you become interested in art?
I guess it’s always been a part of my life ever since I started high school and began drawing in art class. I’ve always tried to do as much of it as I can throughout the years because I love doing it.

What’s your favorite medium to work with?
My favorite so far is photography. It’s the most interesting one to use because you have so many different lenses and techniques, and it’s an open world. However, what I’ve been using most recently is computer art and photoshop.

How did you make those animal designs?
The technique I usually use is I will draw something out on paper with pen and ink, and then I’ll scan it into the computer and colorize it there because it’s a lot easier to manipulate it that way.

Is there any piece that you like the most?
I guess the piece that won the national award, [“Lost”], has to be one of my favorites because it has had such resounding success. I take pride in it because it turned out so well.

Do you want to pursue art in the future?
I definitely want to do something with design because I’ve already found success with it, it landed me a job for designing longboards for Nelson Longboards.

Pictured above is WSPN's featured artist of the week, sophomore Calvin Laituri.