ICYMI: Week of June 3


Credit: Nat Hsu

Meredith Prince

WSPN’s Jessica Reilly took a close look into sophomore Julia Mele’s passion for dancing. Reilly also reflected on the senior events and how seniors feel about not having a senior prom.

Reporters CJ Brown and Aiden Chitkara alongside WSPN’s Charlie Moore discussed Wayland’s sports teams in playoffs and their opinions on the Bruins and Red Sox in episode 17 of Sports Junkies.

WSPN’s Caroline Lampert and reporter Carly Camphausen captured the Window Dance Ensemble’s performance with a theme of dancing through the decades. Editor Christina Taxiarchis and WSPN’s Nicole Erdekian highlighted students experiences at the 2019 Wayland prom.

WSPN’s Caterina Tomassini discussed AirPods in our community in an installment of Chat with Cat. Editor Kyle Chen described the experience of a high school student in part one of a series in Kyle’s Column.

Editors Lampert and Julia Callini and reporter Camphausen highlighted the Class of 2019’s graduation with a gallery and a video. WSPN’s Meredith Prince captured juniors learning about professions at the 10th annual career colloquium.