ICYMI: Week of October 21 – ACT policy shift, album review, sophomore semi


Credit: Nat Hsu

Meredith Prince

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Meredith Prince summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article. 


WSPN’s Josh Schreiber discussed the ACT allowing students to retake single sections starting in September 2020 and student and teacher reactions.

“I think it’s a benefit for students who struggle in one area [because they will be able] to target their studying to prepare for a retake of that one specific subject rather than having to take up however many hours it takes to study and then retake the entire test,” English teacher Kelsey Pitcairn said.


WSPN’s Julia Callini and Caroline Lampert reflected on the meaning behind the Kicks for Cancer soccer game as members of the boys varsity soccer team discussed its importance.

Meanwhile, WSPN’s Max Brande and editor Ellie Tyska highlighted three boys who are the managers of the girls volleyball team and their experiences.


Guest writer Brendan Ho reviewed the album “Ghosteen” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

“While it’s hard to be surprised by the quality of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ albums at this point in their legendary career, ‘Ghosteen’ sees the band pivoting stylistically yet again with stunning results,” Ho wrote.


Tyska alongside WSPN’s Meredith Prince snapped photos at the annual WHS sophomore semi.