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Wayland Student Press

WHSPO to host Late Night after prom

Students stand by a table waiting for their food at late night 2018 . This year, Wayland School Public Organization and Wayland Cares plan to implement new rules to make late night a more safe environment. “There will be stricter rules during late night, meaning if you are ever caught with anything you will be sent home from whatever event you are attending,” Class of 2020 president Ciara Murphy said.

Isabella Arenas and Allie Nunn

April 2, 2019

After partying with friends on the dance floor during prom at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston, students are welcome to attend the Late Night event hosted in the field house. Prom is composed of many parts including Late Night, a time to relax and enjoy time with friends after the chaos of prom. Late...

Mel’s Commonwealth Cafe: a neighborhood meeting place

Pictued above is the entrance of Mel's Commonwealth Cafe. The cafe was established in Wayland more than 60 years ago and continues to serve and connect the community.

Joyce Wu and Allie Nunn

March 11, 2019

You step into the cafe, the aroma of sizzling bacon and freshly grilled pancakes wafting towards the door. To the left, an array of various muffins and assorted pastries sits in a glass case. You notice the checkered pattern on the walls and the cheerful buzz that occupies the dining area. The hostess...

Examining the cheating policy at WHS

A graphing calculator and scantron sheets. Many teachers find cheating at WHS to be a prevalent and important but not an extremely widespread issue. “I think that [in] high schools in general, teenagers cheat,” WHS science Department Head Kenneth Rideout said.

Madeline Maurer and Alex Janoff

March 7, 2019

As you stroll into your first-period class after just barely catching your bus, you get the impending feeling that you’re forgetting something. You’re sure you didn’t leave anything at home, so what could you be missing? You tuck your bag under your desk as usual. Suddenly, it hits you - in your...

WW ’19: Realizing who you are takes time: alliance hosts panel for sophomores

A few members of Alliance held a panel discussion for the sophomore class during winter week where they answered many questions from students.

Madeline Maurer and Max Brande

March 5, 2019

Students all around Wayland High School are members of the LGBTQ+ community, but not everyone knows who they are. Three resident members of the LGBTQ+ community held a panel in the lecture hall on the morning of Friday, Feb. 1 to begin the final day of Winter Week. This panel was designed to offer a...

POWER Club educates WHS during Black History Month

A board that represents black history in the WHS history wing. The collage depicts what life was like for an African American during the black power movement. This year, the WHS POWER club is working with the administration and Student Council to bring Black History Month to the forefront of students' awareness. “In previous years, we haven’t done anything,” POWER Club president, junior Shawn Bernier, said. “That’s why I felt that this year there definitely needed to be some type of change or implementation [of something new].”

Alex Janoff and Isabella Arenas

March 1, 2019

Throughout the month of February, people living in America celebrate Black History Month, in which people learn about African American history and celebrate the achievements of African Americans. Instead of letting it slip under the radar, the WHS POWER Club is working with the administration to bring...

Artist of the Month: Rachel Chau

Pictured above is the 2018 Massachusetts Eastern Senior District Orchestra. Senior Rachel Chau shakes the conductor's hand at the end of the concert, in which she served as concertmaster. “I love to play because music is kind of a universal language, and [one] that everyone can understand and pick up on. [Also], you can communicate different ideas and messages through sound,” Chau said.

Christina Taxiarchis and Hailey Robinson

February 26, 2019

During their education at Wayland Public Schools, students have the choice to pick up a string instrument when entering third grade. Most students who choose to play an instrument don’t continue past elementary school, but those who do tend to have a special connection to music. Senior Rachel Chau...

Who is Mr. Delaney?

History department head Kevin Delaney prepares for class at his desk. Delaney's upbringing largely contributed to his passion for history. “I've always liked working with young people,” Delaney said.

Kate Balicki, Hailey Robinson, and Josh Schreiber

February 25, 2019

On a daily basis, Kevin Delaney juggles the many responsibilities that come with being a department head. Delaney is vital to the system that helps the history department at WHS work, but few know that Delaney credits his love of history to his upbringing. “I've always loved history, even going...

Debate team reaches above and beyond goals for success

The Wayland High School debate team trophy case showcases the extraordinary success they've acquired this year. The team works extremely hard everyday to prepare for their tournaments and won many debates and tournaments.

Meredith Prince

February 14, 2019

After several years of countless losses and dissatisfaction, debate team members are finally content with their success. Led by senior captains Andy Wang and Nathan Zhao, the WHS debate team has met new goals and received new medals on a level that the team hasn’t seen in years. “Our debate team...

Graduates explore new places abroad: Volume 2

Class of 2018 graduate Hannah Roberge took her first semester of college in Salamanca, Spain at the Universidad de Salamanca.

Joyce Wu and Alex Janoff

February 13, 2019

In a second installment on WHS graduates studying abroad or taking gap years, WSPN's Joyce Wu and Alex Janoff speak to 2018 graduates Hannah Roberge and Peter Wolff on their respective semesters in Spain and Thailand. Read the first installment here....

WW ’19: Students’ opinions on past, present and future celebrations

The Daddios perform at  Winter Week 2012. Comprised of several Wayland Parents, The Daddios band played musics of all different genres. WHS students discussed their perceptions of how winter week has changed.

Jessica Reilly

February 12, 2019

Winter Week, the week after midterms, is intended to be a break from school after WHS students take their mid-year exams. However, many students have noted that the content and overall camaraderie of Winter Week has changed over the years. “I think past Winter Weeks were more fun and entertaining,”...

WW ‘19: Meditech exec and Wayland parent programs the future of healthcare

Wayland parent Scott Rader speaks about the purposes of additive manufacturing in meditech. Rader visited WHS on Thursday of Winter Week to speak to students about the future and impacts of the industry.

Kevin Wang and Alyssa Dickstein

February 7, 2019

Wayland parent Scott Rader gave a presentation based on healthcare technology during second block on Thursday, Jan. 31. Technological breakthroughs occur every day in the world of medicine, and early Thursday morning, Rader came to the WHS Lecture Hall to discuss the development and implications of such...

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