• November 30WHSTE to host drive-in family movie night in the Claypit Hill parking lot on Thursday, Dec. 17 and Friday, Dec. 18
  • November 30WHS confirms sixth positive case of COVID-19 on Sunday, Nov. 29
  • November 2Gov. Charlie Baker issues new 10 P.M. - 5 A.M. curfew for all Massachusetts residents starting on Friday, Nov. 6
  • October 16Students can now purchase their parking passes for $100
  • October 16Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year
  • October 5Freshmen guidance seminars to begin on Wed. Oct. 7
  • October 5Mayor Marty Walsh announced that Boston has reentered the red category of COVID-19 infections as of Oct. 2
  • October 5Hybrid learning scheduled to begin on Oct. 19

Wayland Student Press

Breaking News: H1N1 influenza comes to WHS

May 15, 2009

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, 5/19, Wayland High School has two confirmed cases of H1N1. According to the school nurse, Amy Schoeff, "We have 2 kids who have been confirmed by the state lab with H1N1 (swine)...

Florence Adler Walk/Run Saturday to benefit METCO

Alie Perkus May 15, 2009

With the weak economy, and the resulting budget cuts, everyone is feeling the pinch. METCO (The Metropolitan Council for Education Opportunity) is no exception. This year METCO lost over 40 thousand...

Administration bans Assassin Game on campus

May 14, 2009

UPDATE: The administration has banned the Assassin Game on school grounds. "Kills" must take place off campus. A number of water guns have been confiscated by teachers since the game started. On Wednesday,...

Senior Assassin temporarily halted

Marie Stotz May 13, 2009

On Wednesday, May 13, seniors wearing burger king crowns and spraying each other with water mystified underclassmen and teachers alike. The observers who were in the know could be heard whispering one...

Language building evacuated due to gas leak

Language building evacuated due to gas leak
Kelsey Sommers May 11, 2009

Starting early this morning, teachers complained of a gas smell in some classrooms and in the hallway. After second block, in order to ensure everyone’s safety, students and teachers were asked to...

Tech Task Force Needs YOUR Input

May 9, 2009

The Wayland Public Schools Technology Task Force is gathering information from our students to help define the vision for technology integration into our 21st century teaching and learning environment....

Texting cause of latest MBTA green line "big bang"

Texting cause of latest MBTA green line "big bang"
David Ryan May 9, 2009

At 7:18 PM  tonight, a Green Line trolley inbound from Government Center collided with another trolley stopped at a red signal in-between Park Street and Government Center Stations. According to the...

Nutrikids lunch system installed at Wayland High

Alie Perkus May 7, 2009

“If my five-year-old daughter can do it, then high schoolers can too,” Principal Pat Tutwiler laughs. He was referring to Nutrikids, the new lunch program installed at the high school. In this system...

Senior prank leads to different perspectives

David Ryan April 28, 2009

Wayland students arriving for their first period class Tuesday morning were met with an unfamiliar sight: an empty senior parking lot. A number of Wayland seniors woke up around 6 AM and drove to school,...

Administration responds to the senior class prank

Administration responds to the senior class prank
Eilif Mikkelsen April 28, 2009

ADDED: Please refer to this article for different perspectives on this incident. Early this morning the senior class blockaded their lot and filled up the junior lot with their cars as this year's senior...

WSPN picks up the Pacemaker once again

WSPN picks up the Pacemaker once again
Melanie Wang April 26, 2009

WSPN shined under the blazing Phoenix sun last week, picking up its second consecutive Pacemaker Award from the National Student Press Association (NSPA) on Saturday, April 18th. Six Wayland students...

Participate: Mystery Voice Competition

Advisers April 26, 2009

This week, WHS Language Department is hosting the annual Mystery Voice Competition, in which students guess the owners of the voices recorded in mp3 files online. Sentences spoken in these files are in...

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