Wandering Backpack: Vivek Singh

WSPN’s newest series, Wandering Backpack, asks what would you bring if you had 10 minutes to pack a bag with your most treasured items, knowing you wouldn’t be back for years.

Notebook: I put so much effort into writing my notes for everything, and it would be a shame if I didn’t have it.

Flashlight: I’m terrified of the dark.

Leatherman pocket knife: I’m really terrified of the dark.

Pencil: I couldn’t write in my notebook if I didn’t have one.

Eraser: I make a lot of mistakes.

Hand sanitizer: The world is a really germy place, and I hate being sick.

Dictionary: You’re allowed to be infinitely condescending if you know more words than everybody else.

Chapstick: I usually keep chapstick with me, and I’m not sure why.

Gum: I could probably survive on gum for a year.

Light affected crystal: It’s symbolic of my grandfather’s work at Bell Labs (his first job in America).

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