The Boy with the Trombone


Credit: Theo Ghosh

An exploratory method of reporting. Enjoy this short story highlighting one of the most accomplished seniors at Wayland High School.

The audience quieted down and, very slowly, the instruments were raised. Tension filled the air as people waited for the first note to be played, and not a murmur was made. Time seemed to stop. Until the baton flew into rhythm. Another extravagant performance by the Wayland High School band. And yet, even after such a performance, the boy would return home and ready his instrument for the following days.

Day after day, there would be practice during class, but he wanted to do and achieve more. While some would hang out with friends or go home to relax, the boy could be found roaming the halls of the North Building to the nearest practice room. Practicing not only the school given pieces but also more challenging scores, he developed his craft. It was this dedication throughout the years that allowed him to become so accomplished. With All-Nationals, All Eastern and first chair in All-States and Districts, he is the most accomplished band student at WHS. The boy wasn’t restricted just to practicing only during free periods but also committed his free time at home. Not even COVID-19 could slow him down. With a combination of self dedication, quick online turnarounds and individual assignments that otherwise wouldn’t have been found, he progressed at an unprecedented rate.

In the end, his efforts bore fruit, and he is widely recognized as an incredible trombone player and legacy cemented. The boy is Joshua Zhang, now a senior, and his impact can be felt throughout the school. More than ever, students are entering practice rooms during free periods, and students are exploring their college major or minor in music. Leading by example, Zhang too plans to have music be a part of his life by pursuing a minor in music and having it be an unforgettable part of his life.