ICYMI: Week of January 3 – School Committee meeting, return of midterms and pressures of school sports


Credit: Nat Hsu

Nadya Chase

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


WSPN’s Tess Alongi broke the news on Wayland implementing a mask recommendation, and Co-Editor-in-Chief Emily Roberge broke the news on WHS ending the usage of plastic water bottles. Staff Reporter Hallie Luo shared an infographic about screen usage at WHS.

Staff Reporters Melina Barris and Bowen Morrison interviewed WHS students about the return of midterms. Meanwhile, Editor Nadya Chase and WSPN’s Aimee Smith and Katya Luzarraga reported on the School Committee meeting to address the racist graffiti.


Staff Reporter Tina Su shared an infographic about how WHS students are doing at school.


WSPN’s Bella Schreiber reported on WHS coaches Scott Parseghian and David Gavron receiving the Mark T. Crehan Coaches Award. Screiber also shared her opinion on Brittney Griner’s return home.


Staff Reporters Emma Zocco, Carolina Sdoia and Mischa Lee produced a video and a gallery about Russell’s Garden Center. Meanwhile, Co-Editor Sasha Libenzon photographed the girls basketball game against Algonquin Regional.


Staff Reporter Penelope Biddle reviewed the book “Our Missing Hearts.” Editor Talia Macchi shared January’s Fashionista of the Month. Meanwhile, Luzarraga and Luo reviewed the show “Wednesday.”


Staff Reporter Nathan Crozier shared his opinion on the pressures of joining a school sport for college applications.

“I feel as though I must join a sport and excel in it, otherwise colleges will never accept me,” Crozier wrote. “Sports don’t seem like an elective, they’re a necessary item in an endless college application checklist.”


Libenzon and Luo produced a mic’d up video at the Intramural Basketball League games on Thursday, Dec. 15.