News Brief: Wayland implements mask recommendation


Credit: Taylor McGuire

Wayland Public Schools Superintendent Omar Easy instates a mask recommendation from Jan. 3, to Jan. 9.

Tess Alongi

On Sunday, Jan. 1, Superintendent Omar Easy sent an email to the Wayland Public Schools community issuing a mask recommendation from Jan. 3, to Jan. 9. This comes after the rise of COVID-19 cases as well as the flu and RSV, which caused a high number of students and staff to be absent the week before break.

Easy also reminded families of the COVID-19 test kits WPS sent home before break and urged students to test before returning to school. In addition, test kits and masks with both be available to community members, for free, at the Wayland Public Safety Building and the Town Building.

“In addition to this recommendation, we will be employing additional mitigation strategies when possible over the next few weeks to reduce the spread of viruses in our buildings,” Easy said. “Administration reserves the right to implement additional requirements as necessary, especially at schools where staffing is particularly strained. We will consider whether to extend this recommendation in the second week of January based on absence levels.”