Warrior Weekly: A Wayland Olympian?

Allison Wei


With the Olympics going on this week, Harry envisions the possibility of having an Olympian from Wayland.

Before I start, here’s a quick shout-out to the Wayland wrestling team. Congratulations on winning the DCL! Wayland Wrestling is back!

First, as the winter season is reaching the home stretch, be on the lookout for a recap being published on WSPN later this week. You’ll be able to read all about how your favorite winter teams did this year. Spoiler alert: most of them are doing pretty well.

Also, keep checking WSPN for playoff coverage of all the winter teams who qualify. You won’t want to miss any of it.

Second, with the Olympics going on this week, I looked into all of the Olympians from Massachusetts. There are a bunch of athletes from neighboring towns of Wayland, such as Natick, Sudbury and Concord. After Aly Raisman of Needham won Gold in the summer of 2012, is it realistic to think that one day there could be an Olympic medalist from Wayland?

Let’s take a look into the future:

The year is 2028 and Wayland’s own Joe Smith has just placed first in the Mens’ 400m sprint to win the gold medal. Smith is a new heartthrob for teenage girls everywhere and is now considered an American icon. He even made it onto the cover of Wheaties.

Smith returns home to tons of fanfare. He is showered with praise and even gets a ceremony at the WHS fieldhouse. The immortal Coach Porrell (yes, he is still alive in 2028) is the first one to congratulate him. Coach Porrell came out of retirement to coach Smith for track. Porrell figured that since he had success coaching baseball, basketball and soccer, he might as well try his luck with track.

After his ceremony in the fieldhouse, Smith is then given a parade around Wayland. Friends and family flock from all over town to catch a glimpse of Wayland’s biggest superstar.

Let’s fly back to reality for a second. Could something like this actually happen? We honestly can never be sure. Maybe someone attending the high school right now could make it to the Olympics someday.

Moral of the story: make friends with your classmates because one of them could be an Olympic athlete one day.