Warrior Weekly: The last one

Allison Wei


In his final Warrior Weekly post, Harry reflects on his time as a blogger and looks back at some sports predictions he made last year.


I wrote almost 50 of these blogs, some of them better than others. It has always been my dream to be a sports writer and a sports blogger, and Warrior Weekly and WSPN have given me the opportunity to start pursuing these goals.

First I want to thank the WSPN editors-in-chief whom I worked with: Matt and Evan, Kruti and Jake and finally, Alex, Lizzy and Martin. Thank you for helping me build the journalistic skills that I will need for my future.

I also want to thank Jackson, Andrew and Chris for being model sports editors, and of course Andrew for preceding me on these blogs.

Thank you to the people who read these blogs. I enjoyed talking to you about sports through your computer.

Next year, Willis Zetter will be taking over from me as WSPN Sports Editor and as writer of this blog. I know Willis will find his own spin on both the section and the blog. Good luck Willis!

So as of now, I am officially announcing my retirement from WSPN.

Before I do, lets take a final look at the sports predictions I made over a year ago.

1. “Bryce Harper will have a monster sophomore season while Mike Trout struggles. Both of these players had great rookie years. Harper can only go up, but there is no room for improvement for Trout. Only one Los Angeles baseball team (Angels or Dodgers) will make the playoffs. If I had to guess, that team would be the Angels.”

0/1. Tough start.

2. “Tim Tebow will eventually be a Patriot. I am not putting a time stamp on this one. Both Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels love Tebow. They also love versatile players. It’s only a matter of time before he comes here.”

Well at least I nailed one of them. Call me Nostradamus. 1/2.

3. “Neither the Miami Heat nor the Oklahoma City Thunder will win the NBA championship this year. It is a tough call, but I would say either the Nuggets or the Spurs will.”

Congratulations to the Heat, who won the championship last June. 1/3.

4. “Danny Amendola will end up with more catches than Wes Welker.”

73 catches vs. 54 catches, and Wes only played one more game than Danny. I butchered this one. 1/4.

5. “The Chiefs will win the AFC West.”

I am going to give myself a half a point because the Chiefs actually made it into the playoffs. 1.5/5. Absolutely killed it.

And with that, I am officially going to sign off. Have a great last month of school everybody. Talk to you all soon.