Kicks for Cancer 2018 (47 photos)

Meredith Prince and Remmi Shaw

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The boys’ varsity soccer team tied Acton-Boxborough in their annual Kicks for Cancer game on Saturday night.

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  • The boys line up for the national anthem.

  • The team stands in a line during the national anthem.

  • The team huddles before the game.

  • Senior captain Jake Tyska dribbles through defenders.

  • Tyska dribbles the ball.

  • Senior Eric Greene looks to pass the ball.

  • Senior captain Andrew D'Amico dribbles the ball down the field.

  • Greene prepares to take a goal kick.

  • Freshman Jackson Dresens dribbles the ball.

  • Senior Devin Wong looks down the field while dribbling the ball.

  • Students cheer in the fan section.

  • Greene and Wong stand together with the ball.

  • Senior Jack Karbowski slide tackles an opponent.

  • Wong heads the ball out of the box.

  • Players and coaches watch the game from the sidelines.

  • Senior Ben Johnson takes a goal kick.

  • Junior Kyle Mabe runs toward the ball.

  • Senior Mateos Norian makes a move around a defender.

  • The coaches huddle at halftime.

  • Greene fights an Acton-Boxborough player for the ball.

  • Norian dribbles past a defender.

  • Senior Jack Dretler shields the ball.

  • Freshman Ben Chen runs down the field.

  • Senior captain Gage Fuller chases the ball to gain possession.

  • Senior Nick Smith cradles the ball.

  • Greene prepares for a corner kick.

  • Smith takes a goal kick.

  • D'Amico sets up for a throw-in.

  • D'Amico brings the ball down the field.

  • Fuller darts down the field.

  • Sophomore Zach Campana positions himself for a corner kick.

  • Mabe signals for the ball.

  • D'Amico looks for options down the field.

  • Johnson fights for possession of the ball.

  • Dretler celebrates after the team scores their first goal.

  • Norian dribbles the ball away from the opposition.

  • The boys prepare themselves as AB takes a throw in.

  • Chen watches the play from the opposite end of the field.

  • D'Amico runs down the field to make a play.

  • Greene kicks the ball into the offensive zone.

  • Dretler dribbles into open space.

  • D'Amico runs towards the ball.

  • Fuller pivots to keep control the ball.

  • Dretler traps the ball to gain control.

  • Tyska stretches Mabe as the game ends.

  • The team poses for a picture after a 1-1 tie against Acton-Boxborough.

  • The team shows the names of the people in their life diagnosed with cancer.

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