The Bachelor Rewind: And then there were three


Credit: Elizabeth Zhong

Guest writers seniors Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo discuss ABC’s “The Bachelor” and give the inside scoop on departures and new arrivals.

Hello and welcome back to “The Bachelor Rewind!” It’s been a while and so much has happened, but don’t worry because we are getting right back into Matt James’ season of ABCs “The Bachelor.” We’ve gone from 11 women to three in a matter of weeks, but don’t worry—we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Because seven women went home, we’ll keep it brief. As for Heather’s arrival just last week, she and Matt didn’t have enough time to build that connection, so producers made her drive herself out of the resort. Yet with so many women left, we wondered just how they would cut it to only four. Matt sent home Chelsea, Pieper and Serena C. via rose ceremonies while Jessenia’s departure happened during her one-on-one date with Matt. Kit, after receiving the Instagram followers she wanted, decided that getting engaged at 21 wasn’t the right move and decided to send herself home. However, there was one departure that hurt like no other: Abigail’s. It was frustrating because Matt claimed that they didn’t have enough time together, yet he never bothered to give her the time they needed. So with that we said goodbye to all the women but Rachel, Michelle, Bri and Serena P., who secured spots to hometowns.

With COVID-19 still rampant, the final four women brought the hometown experience and the families to the Nemacolin Resort. Michelle brought her typical classroom experience to Matt over a Zoom call with some of her students. Rachael surprised Matt with a skydiving adventure (which didn’t end well). Bri took Matt on a Jeep off-roading ride. And finally, Serena P. brought the perks of Canada to Matt.

All of the hometown dates went smoothly and ended in good spirits. However, there were issues surrounding Serena P.: she wasn’t sure if she was on the same page with Matt, and after a talk with her mom and sister, she realized that Matt wasn’t her person. The night of the rose ceremony, Matt went to talk with Serena, which ultimately ended with her sending Matt “home” in one of the famous black SUVs—a definite first for the show. In the end, Michelle, Bri and Rachael were left heading into fantasy suite week.

With the final three women indicating tougher conversations and fantasy suites, things are about to get very real for Matt and the remaining women. Promos have shown many tears, so we’re not sure what to expect. Stay tuned as we keep unpacking Matt’s season as he gets closer and closer to handing out the final rose.