Fashionistas of the Month: Katie Schouten and Jack McCahan

Fashionistas of the Month: February Edition

Name: Katie Schouten

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite store: “My favorite place to shop at is probably any thrift store, but I usually go to Savers because it’s closest to me. I like thrifting because it’s sustainable, but you also can find some really unique stuff there for insanely cheap.”

Online shopping or in-store: “I like in-store shopping. There’s something nice about being able to touch and try on what you’re getting, but since COVID-19, I’ve usually gone online.”

Fashion icon: “Honestly, my fashion icons are the random girls I see on my Pinterest board.”

Outfit: “I’m wearing pink glasses, penny necklaces, a green zip up, pink tank top, brown corduroy skirt, sheer tights and yellow Nike Blazers.”

Favorite season: “My favorite season to dress for is probably fall or summer. I feel like that’s when I can dress for fashion and not weather.”

Design time: “I usually think about what clothes I could wear the night before, when I’m falling asleep, then try a few things on right before I leave for school.”

Favorite article of clothing: “My brown quarter zip because it’s very soft and also a nice color.”

Style word: “One word I would use to describe my style is ‘evolved,’ because I had no clue how to dress cute in middle school.”

Advice for the fashion-challenged: “A word of advice for the fashion-challenged is to figure out what you like. Make a Pinterest board or scroll through Instagram. Then whenever you need ideas, just come back to that.”


Name: Jack McCahan

Grade: Senior

Favorite store: “I honestly have no idea what my favorite clothing store is. Maybe Uniqlo?”

Online shopping or in-store: “Definitely online. I really don’t like trying on clothes anyways, I find it kinda annoying, so there’s really no point for me to shop in store. I love the variety that you can find online and just how fast you can browse so many different options and styles.”

Fashion icon: “Lady Gaga, my queen. My clothes are definitely not directly inspired by hers, but she’s still definitely my fashion icon!”

Outfit: “This outfit was really chosen by my friend when we went Black Friday shopping a little over a year ago, but then [another friend] helped design it too. The sweater and flannel are from Uniqlo and the Jeans are Levis. The shoes I stole from my brother (hopefully he doesn’t see this!).”

Favorite season: “Probably fall. To be honest, I don’t really change what I wear very much—I really just wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt most days, but in fall there’s definitely more room for cozy warm clothes, while at the same time it’s not uncomfortably cold.”

Design time: “I usually just grab something in the morning from my closet (really I wear sweatpants every day), but if I’m going somewhere, then maybe the night before I’ll plan something out.”

Favorite article of clothing: “Hoodies. They are so comfortable and fun.”

Style word: “Comfort-couture.”

Advice for the fashion-challenged: “I am the fashion-challenged, so if anybody has advice for me, let me know!”