ICYMI: Week of March 22- Dr. Seuss, recruitment challenges, Love Alone


Credit: Nat Hsu

Taylor McGuire

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Taylor McGuire summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


Editor-in-Chief Meredith Prince updated readers on an award that WSPN won, the CSPA Gold Crown award. Meanwhile, editor Taylor McGuire along with WSPN’s Joanna Barrow dug deeper into the creation and passing of the Wayland Public Schools Anti-Racism Resolution.


WSPN’s Sidney O’Rourke asked students about their motivation levels considering March marks the one year anniversary of when students solely had optional enrichment work due to the pandemic.

“With March well underway, many students have begun to lose motivation to keep up with grades and their activities,” O’Rourke said. “In March, there are only a few holidays off from school, and no restful weeks off to break up the month.”


Editor Dante Coppola spoke with the junior class athletes about their struggles associated with the college recruitment process, and staff reporter Michael Nechipurenko spoke with spring athletes about the possibility of having playoffs.


Staff reporters Nandhana Nair and Jessie Feist shot a gallery at WHSTE’s performance of “Love Alone.” Meanwhile, editor Lauren Medeiros and staff reporter Kaitlyn Mabe took pictures at the varsity football team’s scrimmage against Waltham where they won.


Prince shared her opinion on how it’s terrifying when men don’t speak up about women’s sexual assault, and staff reporter Sophia Oppenheim reviewed Wayland’s 110 Grill.

Editor Atharva Weling expressed how he believes that Dr. Seuss’s social “cancellation” was long overdue.


WSPN’s Jonathan Zhang and staff reporter Brasen Chi recorded their fifth episode of “Asians on Air,” and WSPN’s Garrett Spooner and staff reporter Max Brande filmed a College Sports Junkies Special focusing on March Madness.

WSPN’s Deirdre Brown along with staff reporters Jacqueline Cahaly and Ellie Smith published Episode 21 of their series, “The Weekly Breakdown.”