ICYMI: Week of November 15 – End of quarter one, Legally Blonde and meet the semi dates


Credit: Nat Hsu

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN articles.

Tess Alongi

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Tess Alongi summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.

Co-Editor-in-Chief Garrett Spooner spoke to members of the WHS community about the health survey that students took for more information on the well being of students. Editor Tess Alongi, along with WSPN’s Emily Roberge and Charlotte Thirman, spoke to WHS students and took pictures of the cafeteria tables that have returned to the WHS for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Staff Reporters Emma Zocco and Mischa Lee spoke to freshmen about how they navigated the first quarter of their high school experience. Staff Reporter Annabelle Zhang previewed the second annual WPSF turkey trot.

Staff Reporters Nadya Chase, Aimee Smith and Annabelle Zhang spoke to members involved in WHSTE’s ‘Legally Blonde’ about the addition of dogs to the cast. Editor Joanna Barrow interviewed WHS Grade Erika Uyterhoeven about her fight for equity in the MA legislature. Staff Reporters Sneha Saju and Alyssa Ao wrote about the SADD dodgeball tournament fundraiser that took place for the first time since 2018.

Co-Editors-in-Chief Garrett Spooner and Taylor McGuire interviewed the 2021 Junior Semi dates. Staff Reporters Morgen Warner and Carolina Sdoia produced a gallery from Wayland Football’s loss to Tewksbury.

Guest Writer Heather Lui spoke to members of WHSTE about their fall play, Legally Blonde.

“It’s been two years since Wayland High School Theater Ensemble’s (WHSTE) last on-stage performance,” Lui said. “WHSTE director Aidan O’Hara has put much consideration into what their return will look like.”

Staff Reporter Kally Proctor shared her opinion about women at the Laver Cup. Editor Genevieve Morrison discussed the critical race theory and how she believes that people should attack the flaws and not the idea itself. WSPN’s Olivia Tawakol highlighted the need for more concert safety after the Astroworld disaster.

Staff Reporters Abby Raftery, Mischa Lee and Emma Zocco spoke about preseason sports and the SADD dodgeball tournament in episode 33 of Weekly Breakdown. Editor Deirdre Brown, along with Lee and Zocco, filmed a “What’s in the box?” challenge video.