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  • March 11WHS to go back to fully in-person school on Tuesday, April 27.
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  • October 16Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year

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Above is junior Dale Lippincott in a firebird jump. Lippincott dances five to six days a week at Dancer’s Workshop in Sudbury, MA.

Artist of the Week: Dale Lippincott

Emma DiIanni October 11, 2017

Being a dancer can be exhausting. Not only does it require hours of practice, dedication and determination, but it also demands commitment and focus. Junior Dale Lippincott is very familiar with the dance...

The Madrigals perform at WHS in 2016. The group is performing at WHS on November 26.

Artist of the Week: Logan Dawson

Charlie Moore May 31, 2017

Logan Dawson sings A cappella for the Madrigals at WHS. However, his passion for singing didn’t come at a young age. Logan started singing just before his tryout for the Madrigals, freshman year. “I’d...

Above is Sophomore Julia De Los Reyes playing with the Repertory Orchestra in Symphony Hall in Boston. “Violin is such a central part of my life that I can’t imagine not playing in the future, whether it be professionally or simply as a hobby,” De Los Reyes said.

Artist of the Week: Julia De Los Reyes

Hannah Rice May 9, 2017

Sophomore Julia De Los Reyes’s passion for the violin started years ago when she was among the many third graders interested in elementary school orchestra. “I started playing the violin on a complete...

Above, freshman Sidney Toga performs with the WHS T-Tones a cappella group. Toga has been singing since elementary school, and greatly enjoys making music. “[Singing is] just fun,” Toga said. “I enjoy doing it, and it’s just a fun thing to do for me.”

Artist of the Week: Sidney Toga

Kyle Chen April 12, 2017

The stage lights go on, blinding the young man as the song starts. His fellow singers’ voices rise together in unison, blending into a gentle, mellow background. Swaying to the music, they form a loose...

Pictured above is one of Ao’s self portraits. Amelia has been drawing for approximately 7 years, and has won many awards. “I just love the safe haven it provides me,” Ao said. “It’s like I can escape all the bad things in life for a period of time when I draw.”

Artist of the Week: Amelia Ao

Joyce Wu April 4, 2017

A girl sits in front of a blank canvas, pondering her next move. The colored pens and pencils are all lined up neatly beside her, for her convenience. Twirling the pen in her hand, she envisions what the...

Above is freshman Jesse Wang with his bass. Wang will play in the All-State music festival this year, having put in years of practice to excel on bass. “#NeverGiveUp. Work hard at something that you want and be dedicated.” Wang said.

Artist of the Week: Jesse Wang

Kevin Wang March 6, 2017

The dark wood of the elephantine instrument glistened as the small boy stared at it in awe. He picked up the bow, placed it on the string and struck out a note. The bass resonated with a deep rumble. The...

Junior Ella Johnson sees singing as an important aspect of her life. “Music is also really good for getting excited before a sports game or waking up in the morning. Singing continually helps me learn to put myself out there and be confident,” Johnson said.

Artist of the Week: Ella Johnson

Jackie Stoller and Olivia Waldron March 2, 2017

Junior Ella Johnson walks into the center of the stage, a spotlight shining on her face. The group starts and she begins singing her solo in an auditorium filled with people. Johnson joined the Muses,...

Chris Laven played the bass since he was four years old and continues to make the best out of his musical carrer. “[I really love] the the creative aspect of being a musician,” Laven said. “You can really create anything you want.

Artist of the Week: Chris Laven

Kyle Chen February 27, 2017

If you make a trip to the music wing of Wayland High School during the school day, particularly to the practice rooms, you will likely find a tall, fiery-haired young man sitting on a chair, eyes intent...

Sophomore Alexa Calder is part of the Wayland High School Madrigals and enjoys singing in her free time. “I sing because it's something I love to do and getting to share that with people is one of the best feelings.” said Calder.

Artist of the Week: Alexa Calder

Eden Vanslette and Kate Balicki January 17, 2017

A girl steps up to the microphone in front of the whole school. She stands with members of an a capella group, the Wayland High School Madrigals. Her voice echoes throughout the silent auditorium, and...

Pictured above is a poster drawn by senior Athina Apazidis for the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese). “Drawing for me is an escape, an expression. Whatever I’m feeling can be spilled out onto paper and take away stress and pressure and negative thoughts like nothing else,” Apazidis said.

Artist of the Week: Athina Apazidis

Abby Stoller December 7, 2016

Some people have one pursuit life that truly means the world to them. Senior Athina Apazidis’ passion is drawing. She has been doodling since elementary school, but began seriously drawing towards the...

Pictured above is a piece created by freshman Yana Lipnesh. Ever since she was born, she has been drawing and around with art. “I just like drawing, I like making art, and I like how it looks in the end, and all that stuff,” Lipnesh said.

Artist of the Week: Yana Lipnesh

Joyce Wu and Kyle Chen November 20, 2016

If you ask a high school student with no art experience to turn a blank sheet of paper into a piece of art, they would give you a confused facial expression. However, if you were to ask freshman Yana Lipnesh,...

Pictured above is freshman Kyle Chen, a competitive pianist who has been playing for eight and a half years.

Artist of the Week: Kyle Chen

Joyce Wu and Natalie Hsu October 30, 2016

A young man sits in front of a piano, all 88 keys of the piano spread out in front of him. His fingers hover over the interchanging black and white wooden keys as he inhales, preparing to play the...

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