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  • June 1WHS 2019-20 grades will not factor into students' GPAs
  • May 5As of May 6, it's the law in Massachusetts to wear a mask if one is in public and is unable to social distance
  • April 24All MA Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year, work to remain online
  • April 8March and May College Board SAT's are cancelled due to coronavirus
  • April 8Coronavirus outbreak causes schools across the country to switch to remote online learning
  • April 8Q3 and Q4 will collectively be graded as pass/fail, work begins to be required on April 13
  • March 17WSPN Practice ACT and SAT exam through Revolution Prep to be administered online
  • February 6Submit ideas for the Monday Minute on our google form which is under "Broadcast"
  • February 6The construction site behind the school is closed to the public, no one should be on the turf or track until the construction fence is removed
  • September 17View the WHS bell schedules on our site by selecting "WHS Resources" at the top and then "Bells"

Colleges drop standardized test requirement due to COVID-19 outbreak

Pictured above is Wake Forest University. WFU has been a test-optional institution since May, 2008. Junior James Waldron believes that schools going test-optional benefits all parties.

Christina Taxiarchis and Hailey Robinson

April 5, 2020

Colleges across the United States have begun to switch over to a test-optional policy because of the coronavirus outbreak. Due to COVID-19, the SAT and ACT have cancelled upcoming testing dates in fear of spreading the virus. The cancellations have made it difficult for the Class of 2021 to take the...

Accepted students are forced to follow their gut in the college selection process

Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, accepted students have been forced to find alternative ways to gather information without visiting any campuses.

Jimmy Paugh

April 3, 2020

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has made it difficult for seniors to decide on which school they would like to attend next year. Accepted students in the past have typically visited schools to make this decision easier, but that is no longer a possibility for the class of 2020. Senior Alyssa Dennis is...

Chat with Cat: “Coronacation” is not an appropriate term

In the latest installment of

Caterina Tomassini

April 2, 2020

Unless you live under a rock, you are well aware of the nationwide pandemic, COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. This virus caused President Trump to issue a travel ban to Europe, beginning on March 13 through the following 30 days. The virus has also called for the closing of the American-Canadia...

Coronavirus clashes with the Class of 2020’s senior plans

Members of the Class of 2020 pose. The 2019-20 school year has proven to be a rocky one. “We've had to deal with new start times, new administration, no fields, no home games, no night games, the entire EEE thing, and now coronavirus

Remmi Shaw and Ellie Smith

March 31, 2020

Many students dream of their senior year from the moment they enter high school, but for the Class of 2020, there have been constant uncertainties pervading the second half of the school year, creating a less than perfect ending to the students' academic careers. Kicked off by the Senior Show and...

Students react to cancelled SATs and ACTs

Due to the rapidly evolving situation regarding COVID-19, the administrators of the SATs and ACTs have canceled their spring exams. “It feels to me like a lot of [my] time [spent on studying] is wasted because now I cannot take the test for a while,

Katherine Kim

March 30, 2020

For many people, junior year is known as the toughest of the four years of high school. As students start to take more rigorous courses, prepare for college entrance exams, build up their resume and enter the road to college, things become tougher. Juniors have the option to take either or both of the...

Opinion: Coronavirus isn’t an excuse for blatant racism

With Covid-19 originating in China, racism has been shown to focus on that general geographical area; however, people aren't just attacking the Chinese, they're attacking anyone that looks Asian. WSPN's Atharva Weling and Brasen Chi argue that the racism caused by Covid-19 is spreading faster than the actual virus itself.

Atharva Weling and Brasen Chi

March 29, 2020

It was called “The Yellow Peril.” Chinese immigrants flooded into the United States during the latter half of the 19th century, enticed by the possibilities of striking it rich mining gold or just earning a living building railroads. White Americans reacted with unadulterated xenophobia. Lynchings...

Coronavirus’s Impact on the Basketball World

WSPN's Dante Coppola discusses the impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on sports, specifically in basketball.

Dante Coppola

March 24, 2020

After it became public knowledge that Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, March 11, the NBA took the unprecedented step of suspending its season. The NHL followed suit, and the MLB chose to end spring training early. Particularly for the NBA, a decision like this has many...

WHS Graduates reflect on being sent home from college due to COVID-19

The 89th Adams House Committee from Harvard University is pictured before they had to move out of campus by Sunday, March 15. “It is definitely disappointing that half the semester, so 1/16 of the college experience, has been drastically altered to the point where it’s not college anymore, it doesn’t feel like college anymore,” WHS graduate and Harvard University sophomore Jeffrey Prince said.

Taylor McGuire and Allie Nunn

March 23, 2020

As various college spring breaks come to a close, many students will not be returning to their on-campus classes. With Coronavirus spreading through the US, numerous colleges and universities have opted to conduct online classes in hopes of keeping their students healthy. Remote learning, otherwise known...

News Brief: WSPN Practice ACT and SAT exam to be administered online

Students will take the practice ACT and SAT tests virtually, with an online proctor through Revolution Prep. All students who are registered for each exam will receive a copy via email that you’ll print out.

Meredith Prince

March 23, 2020

As a precaution given the recent updates regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and the quickly changing environment, Revolution Prep has decided to shift the format of the practice ACT and SAT exams on March 21 and April 4 to ensure that students can still participate in this opportunity. Students will take...

How to stay active during quarantine

Pictured are a water bottle, dumbbells and a resistance band. Neither the weights nor the resistance band are required, but they are still great for many other workouts.

Caitlin Newton

March 23, 2020

The idea of being quarantined can be anxiety-provoking and scary for many people, so it's important to make sure we all take care of our bodies as best we can in order to reduce stress levels and stay healthy. Since most fitness studios and gyms are encouraging people to stay home or are closed altogether,...

BREAKING NEWS: Prom postponed to Sept. 12

Juniors pose at last year's prom. This school year, however, will not feature a traditional junior prom. Rather, the Class of 2021 will hold a senior prom on Sept. 12.

Kevin Wang

March 20, 2020

The junior class' prom has been postponed to Sept. 12, 2020. The decision was collectively made this morning by administration and advisers and officers from the class executive board. Moving the date will not incur any additional expenses, meaning that class pockets will not be burdened. The ticket...

News Brief: Senior show postponed to late May

The Class of 2019 performs at the senior show last year. This year's senior show has been postponed.

Taylor McGuire

March 20, 2020

After around a month of preparing, the Class of 2020’s senior show has been postponed to a further date. The show was supposed to take place on Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21, but, due to the COVID-19 crisis, it will not take place on these dates. Students have been preparing by learning...

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