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Wandering Backpack: Michael Hopps

Martin Narciso

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Wandering Backpack asks what would you bring if you had 10 minutes to pack a bag with your most treasured items, knowing you wouldn’t be back for years.


Tarp and rope: Shelter from the storm.

Waterproof matches: I refuse to freeze to death or eat raw meat. Even if it’s raining.

Headlamp: You don’t always get to where you are going in the daylight. Even the best laid plans can land you in the dark.

Cell phone: Contact with my family and pictures of them. The GPS is pretty handy too if you WSPN kids drop me in a place with good cell coverage.

Sleeping bag and sleeping pad: Gotta sleep and sleeping on the ground can drain your body temperature.

Bug spray and sunblock: These prevent two very irritating conditions.

Cotton free clothing: Cotton holds onto moisture, which can cause hypothermia when against your skin. Cotton kills.

Water filter: I need to have clean water, and this baby can make clear, safe water from a mud puddle.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods by Bradford Angier: Because I don’t have all the answers. I figure, if I can stay alive in the woods, I can probably stay alive wherever you guys drop me off.

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One Response to “Wandering Backpack: Michael Hopps”

  1. Mr. Galalis on April 8th, 2013 10:04 AM

    Excellent backpack, Mr. Hopps. Very practical.


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Wandering Backpack: Michael Hopps