Fashionista of the Month: June (teacher edition)

Talia Macchi

Name: Laine Winokur

Teacher’s subject: History

Favorite store: “I have a few! ModCloth, Unique Vintage, Old Navy and Everlane. I love mixing more unique, kitschy, and vintage inspired pieces with trendier items.”

Online shopping or in store: “I definitely prefer shopping online. Nothing beats the convenience of having things just show up at your door. Also I’m short and it can be hard to find the correct sizes/lengths in stores.”

Fashion icon: “Jessica Day from ‘New Girl.'”

Outfit: She is wearing a black t-shirt along with black leggings, which she paired with a light wash jean jacket and Air Force 1 Shadow in the shade Infinite Teal.

Design time: “Most of the time, [I pick out outfits] in the morning before school. But I love wearing themed clothing for particular holidays and seasons, so if it’s something for that, I’ll plan it out ahead of time.”

Favorite article of clothing: “My wedding dress! It was custom made for me by a Canadian designer named Lea-Ann Belter, and it was everything I ever dreamed of. For every day, it has to be my light-wash jean jacket! It’s so versatile and adds pockets to any outfit.”

Style word: “I’m so bad at answering questions like this, but Mr. Schmirer says that I ‘dress with a message.'”

Fashion challenged advice: “Wear what you love and what makes you feel happy and confident. Also it takes time to develop a sense of style and what works for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment.”

What does fashion mean to you: “It’s an expression of who you are and how you want others to see you.”