Fashionista of the Month: April

Talia Macchi

Name: Dana Efrat

Grade: Junior

Favorite store: “I really like American Eagle and Aerie because their clothes are both cute and comfy. Also, I’m a seasonal employee at American Eagle, so I get really good discounts at both stores.”

Online shopping or in-store: “Online shopping is so much easier for me, but I like shopping in-store more because it gives me the option to try on the clothes that I might buy instead of just hoping they fit and are actually cute in-person.”

Fashion icon: “There isn’t one specific person, but if I see someone on social media that has a cute outfit on, I’ll try to find pieces that remind me of that style.”

Design time: “I mainly plan my outfits in the mornings, right before school. Sometimes I plan them the night before if I have time.”

Credit: Dana Efrat

Favorite article of clothing: “My favorite article of clothing is definitely flowy or baggy pants because they’re so comfortable, but they also look good with a lot of different tops.”

Favorite fashion trend: “I really love low rise pants. I know they’re super controversial, but I’m so glad they came back into style.”

Style word: “‘Flowy’ because I like to wear a lot of loose and baggy clothes. I love my sweatshirts, sweatpants, baggy jeans and hippie pants.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Look for inspiration on TikTok or Pinterest, or just wear whatever you want. I’m rocking sweats most of the time when I don’t feel like picking out an outfit.”

What does fashion mean to you? “Fashion is exploring new styles and having fun along the way.”

Outfit: “My sweater is from Brandy Melville, my pants are thrifted and my shoes are Converse. I like this outfit because it combines my love for low rise jeans and baggy clothes. It’s super comfy but it still looks good.”