ICYMI: Week of March 2 – Coronavirus, wrestling/swim titles, tribute to Pam Pingeton


Credit: Nat Hsu

Meredith Prince

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Meredith Prince summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


Editor-in-Chief Kevin Wang provides live updates of the Coronavirus affecting life in Wayland and neighboring Massachusetts towns. Check back for new updates.

Editor Meredith Prince briefed famous Latina director Ligiah Villalobos’ visit to the high school. Full story covering the presentation to be released soon.


Reporters Lindsey Brown and Katherine Kim investigated how students and teachers feel about a petition to end daylight savings time.

“[Daylight savings] is necessary from a saving energy point of view,” English teacher Sara Snow said. “Anything that conserves energy is good in my view.”


Editor Hailey Robinson and reporter Sidney O’Rourke highlighted the wrestling team’s DCL win, which hasn’t happened since 2016. O’Rourke also reflected on the boys varsity swim team’s state title after an undefeated season.

Meanwhile, reporters CJ Brown and Aiden Chitkara discuss state wresting meets as well as the NBA western conference in an episode of “Sports Junkies.”

A & E:

Reporters Kate Clifford and Julia Raymond discuss the winter play, “Squirrel Girl Goes to College,” and their preparation for the annual drama festival.

“It was a really cool experience being able to meet other schools, see their shows, and perform ours in front of an enthusiastic and supportive audience,” sophomore Sammy Janoff said. “It was an awesome time and so inspiring seeing other schools and their work.”


Prince pays tribute to elementary school teacher Pamela Pingeton who passed away this November from cancer.

“Pam Pingeton was much more than an ordinary elementary school teacher,” Prince wrote. “She was passionate and inspiring and longed for each of her students to do well. She challenged us every day and fought for the best education we could receive. Not only was she a fighter for us, but she was also a fighter for herself. ”


Reporters Lauren Medeiros and Emily Staiti capture the varsity girls basketball playoff loss against Medfield.