ICYMI: Week of March 15- All-in schooling, Dudley Chateau, NFL offseason


Credit: Nat Hsu

Taylor McGuire

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Taylor McGuire summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


WSPN’s Joanna Barrow broke down the Wayland School Committee’s decision to send students back to all-in school.

“The School Committee voted unanimously on Wednesday, Mar. 10 to return to all-in, five days a week learning after April vacation,” Barrow said. “The decision is likely to be a point of contention among students and staff.”


Staff reporter Emily Roberge reviewed a Wayland staple, Dudley Chateau.

“Overall, I think the Dudley Chateau is the best place for a quick and tasty meal for the whole family,” Roberge said. “With the economic challenges of this pandemic for small businesses, this is the perfect opportunity for you to support a local Wayland staple restaurant.”


Editor Dante Coppola reported the winners and losers thus far in the NFL offseason in the latest Warrior Weekly.

“While some teams have already made significant improvements, many have made equally questionable moves,” Coppola said. “Here are a few winners and losers of the NFL offseason so far.”


Editor Lauren Medeiros and staff reporter Alexina McQuilkin shot a gallery at the boys varsity basketball game where they lost by one point to Cambridge Ridge and Latin.

“Although the Warriors began closing the gap in the fourth quarter, it was not enough to claim the win,” Medeiros and McQuilkin said. “Unfortunately, the Warriors fell by one point with a score of 51-52.”


WSPN’s Haley Melvin created an infographic displaying Wayland High School students’ fashion trends throughout quarantine, and staff reporter Kate Clifford created an infographic that shows students’ morning routines.

Staff reporter Izzy Poole-Evans reviewed a video game, Genshin Impact, and staff reporter Isabella Ciasullo dug deeper into the TEDxYouth webinar that occurred on Sunday, March 21.


Staff reporter Sophia Oppenheim expressed how Instagram can be dangerous, and staff reporter Genevieve Morrison shared her opinion on how the residents of Texas are not responsible for the storms they are facing.


WSPN’s Deirdre Brown and staff reporters Jacqueline Cahaly and Ellie Smith recorded the 14th episode of their podcast, “Healthy Living,” where they spoke to WHS graduate Julia Pak. Meanwhile, WSPN’s Garrett Spooner along with guest writer Andrew Boyer filmed a “Half Hour Hook” where they discussed the NBA All-Star Game.