ICYMI: Week of June 6 – senior trips, Wayland-Westford race workshops and the return of finals


Credit: Nat Hsu

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN articles.

Nadya Chase

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


Staff Reporter Selena Liu broke down the mystery of missing people in Mexico. Staff Reporter Ari Zukerman wrote about the WHSTE senior one-acts.

Liu also shared WHS student and staff opinions about AP class environments after the AP exam.


WSPN’s Talia Macchi and Staff Reporter Abby Raftery reported on senior trips and their significance. WSPN’s Sasha Libenzon and Bella Schreiber wrote about Cousins Maine Lobster and Uncle Joey’s Cannoli visiting Lavin’s Liquors. WSPN’s Aimee Smith shared a guide to surviving the end of the school year.

Smith, along with Editor Kally Proctor, Staff Reporter Annabelle Zhang and WSPN’s Nadya Chase and Katya Luzarraga, reported on summer break at WHS. WSPN’s Nina Wilson and Staff Reporter Emma Zocco spotlighted Aaron Frutman and his journey with cinematography.


WSPN’s Sasha Libenzon wrote about the Wayland-Weston crew team making it to nationals. Meanwhile, Schreiber and Staff Reporter Tina Su reported on the Wayland-Westford race workshops. Editor Delia Caulfield previewed the WHS sports playoffs.


Co-Editor Sasha Libenzon and Emma Zocco produced a gallery about Window Dance Ensembles “Candyland.” WSPN’s Olivia Tawakol shared a video about Green Team’s composting system. Tawakol, along with Co-Editor Charlotte Thirman and Staff Reporter Penelope Biddle, photographed the Class of 2022’s graduation.


Staff Reporter Carolina Sdoia shared the top trends for the summer of 2022.

“Follow these tips and go to your favorite retailer and you’ll for sure be on trend this summer,” Sdoia wrote.


Guest Writers Hedaia Elelimy, Noreen Javed, Madeeha Syeda and Minnah Gayed shared their opinion on the benefit of the Muslim Student Association. Luzarraga and Proctor shared their side-by-side opinion on summer classes.


Editor Jackie Cahaly, along with Staff Reporters Abby Raftery and Lucy Grasso, reviewed Saxonville Mills Cafe in the second episode of The Picky Eater Picks. Cahaly interviewed various students about the return of finals. Raftery, along with Staff Reporters Lucy Grasso and Morgen Warner, broke down Career Day and MIAA tournaments in episode 56 of Weekly Breakdown.