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Wayland Student Press

Jason Shu: Another set toward success

Sophomore Jason Shu watches an ongoing meet before it’s his turn to race.

Jonathan Zhang

April 30, 2020

For sophomore Jason Shu, swimming is more than just a sport. It’s a safe haven from the challenges of school, and something that keeps him going. Although Shu was recently crowned fastest sophomore in the breaststroke event at the Massachusetts state meet, he was not always the strongest swimmer, and...

Athlete of the Month: Michael Lampert

Boys varsity lacrosse captain Michael Lampert cradles the ball as an opposing player attempts to steal the ball. He runs while using his size to his advantage, looking for an opening to throw the ball for a play. “I would say my biggest challenge has been people doubting my size,” Lampert said. “I have overcome this by doing extra workouts to show people that I can use my size to my advantage.”

Joanna Barrow and Alyssa Dickstein

May 15, 2019

Senior Michael Lampert recently became the top scoring player ever to play lacrosse at Wayland High School. In fact, Lampert’s love of lacrosse even predates the existence of Wayland’s youth lacrosse league, so when Lampert first decided to start playing lacrosse, he had to venture outside of Wayland...

Athlete of the Month: Jack Karbowski

For the winter Wayland track team, Karbowski participated in the 100, 200, long jump, 4x200 and the 4x100 relay. Representing Wayland in many events, Karbowski made sure to push his limits during his practices. “I actually did the workouts instead of just walking around the track,

Ellie Tyska

March 12, 2019

As a senior captain for the winter track team for Wayland High School, senior Jack Karbowski was able to finish off the season strong and make some history for Wayland track for the 4x2 relay and long jump. At the state tournament, one of the most important events for the runners, Karbowski was able...

Athlete of the Month: Ryan Nolan

Boys varsity hockey captain Ryan Nolan defends the net during the North Finals.

Hailey Robinson

February 4, 2019

For boys varsity hockey senior captain Ryan Nolan, hockey has been a fact of life for a big part of his life. In his final year of playing on a high school team, Nolan stepped up into a leadership role as a captain. Nolan continues to surround himself with the sport year-round. “My dad played hockey,...

Athlete of the Month: Brooks Jones

Senior Brooks Jones has wrestled for all of his high school career. Throughout this time, Jones has improved each year and hopes to finish his last year of wrestling for the WHS strong. “The next big event in my mind is sectionals,

Ellie Tyska

January 17, 2019

Senior Brooks Jones spent his past winter practicing and training during his last year of wrestling for WHS. From the beginning of his freshmen year until now, Jones has always had a passion for the sport and looks forward to the winter season every year. As freshmen enter high school, a wide variety...

Athlete of the Month: Tali Wong

Sophomore Tali Wong finishes a race at the Eastern High School championships. Wong has been competitively Nordic skiing since the third grade.

Meredith Prince and Max Brande

December 12, 2018

Sophomore Tali Wong’s winter consists of five-mile races through a course that requires hours of endurance and is covered with ice and powdery snow. Most winter athletes practice within the comfort of a rink or a gym, but Wong faces new challenges with every ski course. Nordic skiing, also known a...

Athlete of the Month: Liam Gill

Junior Liam Gill hits a shot out of the bunker during the Catholic Conference Championship in 2017. Last year, Gill won the conference as a freshman at Catholic Memorial.

CJ Brown and Aiden Chitkara

November 7, 2018

Sophomore Liam Gill has always had a stick in his hand. Growing up, he specialized in hockey and lacrosse. However, in the summer going into eighth grade, he found love in a new sport: golf. He started to play 36 holes a day at Sandy Burr Country Club and did everything he could to improve his golf ga...

Athlete of the Month: Mason Bolivar

For junior Mason Bolivar, football has always been a fact of life. “I started [playing football] in fourth or fifth grade, and I had always just loved football before that,” Bolivar said.

Charlie Moore and Kyle Chen

October 9, 2018

The player’s eyes scan the field as he firmly grips the ball in his hands. Around him, his teammates clash with members of the opposition, but none of the tussling seems to faze him. Maintaining his composure, he examines the play before him, searching for the right opportunity. A moment later, he...

Athlete of the Month: Audrey Camacho

Senior Audrey Camacho in a match against Acton Boxborough.

Julia Pak and Christina Taxiarchis

May 7, 2018

Starting at the age of eight, senior Audrey Camacho discovered a brand new hobby. Although she juggled many different sports growing up, Camacho stuck with tennis. Camacho is now committed to Bryn Mawr College for Division III tennis and will be attending next fall. But until then, she has one last high...

Athlete of the Month: Ramazan Attasauov

Senior Ramazan Attasuav pins down his opponent during a match.

Tamira English

March 18, 2018

Russian international student Ramazan Attasauov has only been at Wayland High School for two years, but the senior has already made his mark on the wrestling team. Since enrolling at WHS, Attasauov has achieved seven awards, including being ranked fifth best wrestler in Massachusetts, becoming a...

Athlete of the Week: Matt Clayton

Pictured above is senior Matt Clayton at the meet where he broke the Wayland High School steeplechase record.

Amira English

November 27, 2017

Name: Matt Clayton Grade: Senior Sport: Cross-Country, Track Achievements: Clayton is the cross-country team captain, holds the track and field school record (Steeplechase), is a three-time DCL All-Star (two times for track, one time for cross-country), seven season varsity runner, four-time...

Athlete of the Week: Kyra Patterson

Pictured above is Kyra Patterson, athlete of the week, carrying her boat after placing second at 2017's Youth Regional Championship. This placement qualified her boat for the Youth National Championships.

Lilly Stoller

November 6, 2017

Name: Kyra Patterson Grade: Senior Sport: Crew Achievements: Patterson placed ninth at the World Indoor Rowing Championships in the lightweight junior event in 2017. She placed second at the Youth Regional Championships in the lightweight 4+ category in 2016 and 2017, qualifying for the Youth...

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