• November 2Gov. Charlie Baker issues new 10 P.M. - 5 A.M. curfew for all Massachusetts residents starting on Friday, Nov. 6
  • October 28WHS confirms first positive COVID-19 case on Oct. 27
  • October 16Students can now purchase their parking passes for $100
  • October 16Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year
  • October 5As of Oct. 2, there are two active cases of COVID-19 in Wayland
  • October 5Freshmen guidance seminars to begin on Wed. Oct. 7
  • October 5Mayor Marty Walsh announced that Boston has reentered the red category of COVID-19 infections as of Oct. 2
  • October 5Hybrid learning scheduled to begin on Oct. 19

Wayland Student Press

News Brief: Wayland to start COVID-19 testing in December

With COVID-19 cases rising in schools, 134 Massachusetts schools will begin a rapid testing program in order to ensure that students can remain learning on campus safely.
Taylor McGuire November 19, 2020

With COVID-19 cases rapidly rising this early into the school year, school districts and the Massachusetts government alike have been brainstorming ways they can attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus...

BREAKING: Cohort B to go full remote Friday 10/30 after second COVID case

On Friday, Oct. 30, all classes will be moved to remote due to the second positive COVID-19 case in the past week.
Josh Schreiber October 29, 2020

On Thursday, Oct. 29, WHS families received an email from Superintendent Arthur Unobskey notifying them of a second positive COVID-19 case at the high school in the past week. Due to the short turnaround...

WHSTE adapts to new COVID-19 challenges

Wayland High School Theater Ensemble performs last spring's play,
Joanna Barrow September 29, 2020

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Wayland High School Theater Ensemble has had to change almost everything about how it normally operates. Its schedule of production has shifted, and...

Students experience unusual summers during coronavirus pandemic

Summer travel was different for everyone, especially for people going on longer trips, who had to adhered to many rules and regulations. During flights, many rows of seats on the plane were empty and everyone had to wear a mask.
Emily Staiti September 22, 2020

During the pandemic, students' summers were abnormal due to laws put into place to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. The rules fluctuated throughout the summer and all students and their families...

Quarantined at home: Finding ways to overcome challenges

Walking dogs has become a popular stay at home activity.
Ellie Smith and Jacqueline Cahaly June 25, 2020

Most people would probably be confused if, on March 12, you told them that would be their last day in school for the rest of year. All of a sudden, students, teachers and families have had to adapt to...

LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus infiltrates Wayland

As the novel coronavirus infiltrates more and more aspects of everyday life for Americans, WSPN examines how the virus has impacted Wayland and neighboring communities.
Kevin Wang and Taylor McGuire June 22, 2020
UPDATED: Monday, June 22 at 6:36 p.m.

Quiz: Which Netflix TV show should you binge-watch?

Quiz: Which Netflix TV show should you binge-watch?
Eliya Howard-Delman and Sidney O'Rourke June 17, 2020

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WHSTE goes virtual for Thespian Night 2020

The Wayland High School Theater Ensemble performs virtually in their first annual (virtual) Thespian Night. The event featured student performances, senior testimonials, and emcee clips.
Alyssa Dickstein June 12, 2020

Thespian Night was intended to be held on April 15 as a way for student actors to perform in a variety show. Once it was clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to reshape the end of the year, WHSTE,...

A look into the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the television industry

WSPN's Caterina Tomassini and Alyssa Dickstein speak with Hollywood writer and producer Mike Royce about the pandemic's affect on his television series
Caterina Tomassini and Alyssa Dickstein June 9, 2020

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Pop TV’s television series, "One Day at a Time" elected to stop filming in front of a live studio audience due to public health concerns. By mid-March, the...

10 apps to cure boredom during quarantine

WSPN’s Rebeca Kamens-Gil lists 10 apps that you can download to help you stay entertained during quarantine, from cooking to group video chatting. If you are looking for something new to do on your phone, keep on reading!
Rebeca Kamens-Gil June 3, 2020

As the pandemic carries on, we are all stuck in our houses with only so much to do. Without being able to socialize and our only source of communication being technology, quarantine has us all bored out...

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