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  • June 1WHS 2019-20 grades will not factor into students' GPAs
  • May 5As of May 6, it's the law in Massachusetts to wear a mask if one is in public and is unable to social distance
  • April 24All MA Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year, work to remain online
  • April 8March and May College Board SAT's are cancelled due to coronavirus
  • April 8Coronavirus outbreak causes schools across the country to switch to remote online learning
  • April 8Q3 and Q4 will collectively be graded as pass/fail, work begins to be required on April 13
  • March 17WSPN Practice ACT and SAT exam through Revolution Prep to be administered online
  • February 6Submit ideas for the Monday Minute on our google form which is under "Broadcast"
  • February 6The construction site behind the school is closed to the public, no one should be on the turf or track until the construction fence is removed
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Mary Brown awarded with a trip to India

Alie Perkus

April 8, 2009

"I couldn’t be happier; this is such a wonderful gift. I am so grateful," says foreign language department chair Mary Brown. Brown is heading to India. Out of 23 applicants, Brown was selected to receive the 21st Mary Johnson Travelship Award. This award gives one teacher every year the opportunity...

Student-run computer classes help townspeople

Student-run computer classes help townspeople

Evan Barber

April 8, 2009

Recently, three student-run computer classes were held at Wayland High School to help people become more computer literate. Some of the class’s attendees were focused on one specific task or program, while others had never touched a computer. Students taught everything from how to get onto the food c...

Canning for Coach Adrian (15 Photos)

Eilif Mikkelsen

April 7, 2009

[svgallery name="Coach Adrian fund_09"]

Teaming up for Coach Adrian

Kathryn Washek

April 2, 2009

For any Wayland child who has learned to play basketball, soccer, or baseball, chances are it was with the help of Wayland legend Adrian Gomes. For over 20 years, he has been dedicated to coaching and teaching sports in Wayland. Unfortunately, Gomes’s teenage daughter, Alex, has been battling cancer...

April Fools' Day '09 (27 Photos)

Robin Kim

April 1, 2009

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Student logs onto computer successfully

Andrew Budnick

April 1, 2009

WSPN's own Garrett Levey was able to successfully log into a computer during journalism class on Friday, March 20th - a first for the technologically deprived class. "I was shocked," he said, as classmates pounded him on the back and gave him high-fives. "It was really... I can hardly speak. It's amazing...

Field House lifts off, returns to mother planet

Melanie Wang

April 1, 2009

The Wayland High School Field House, long regarded as the school’s most bizarre piece of architecture, departed the campus late Tuesday night, to return to its “home among the stars,” according to an anonymous source. Gym classes are canceled for this week as the school administration debates what...

Sophomores picket MCAS, bar administrators

Melanie Wang

April 1, 2009

Wayland High School sophomores brought Wayland police to campus on late Tuesday afternoon by forming a picket line in response to the day's MCAS testing. The protesters, all members of the class of 2011, had created a human blockade, preventing Principal Tutwiler and Vice Principal Mizoguchi from leaving...

History MCAS delayed

Sasha Pansovoy

March 31, 2009

The classes of 2012 and 2013 have just gotten a respite from some high stakes MCAS testing. On February 24, the Massachusetts Board of Education voted 8 to 2 to delay the implementation of the United States history MCAS exam for at least two years, due to concerns that there is not enough money to administer...

April 7 vote to determine fate of WHS construction

Garrett Levey

March 25, 2009

On April 7th, Wayland residents will vote on the question of whether or not to allocate $315,000 towards funding the design of a new Wayland High School. During WHS’s most recent accreditation report, in 2005, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges reported that, “The severe limitations...

Photos from Mexico (21 Photos)

March 25, 2009

[svgallery name="mexicotrip09"]

Mr. Frio honored by former student

Sasha Pansovoy

March 10, 2009

Social studies teacher Mr. Frio received the Gideon Hawley Teacher Recognition Award at Union College on February 26. Priscilla Wright, a Wayland High graduate and freshman at Union College, nominated her senior year social studies teacher for the award. Named after New York State’s first superintendent,...

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