ICYMI: Week of January 9: Midterms canceled, Intramural Basketball League and Antonio Brown


Credit: Nat Hsu

Tess Alongi

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Tess Alongi summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.

Editor Tess Alongi briefed students on the new quarantine protocols that were voted on by the Wayland School Committee. Alongi also broke the news on the cancelation of midterms.

Staff Reporter Bella Schreiber recapped Wayland girls basketball’s loss at their home opener. Staff Reporter Luke Caples wrote about the NFL MVP race in this week’s edition of Warrior Weekly. Staff Reporter Talia Macchi talked to the Wayland indoor track team about the return to indoor competitions.

Editor Charlotte Thirman produced a gallery from Intramural Basketball League. Staff Reporter Carolina Sdoia took pictures of Wayland-Weston girls hockey’s win against Concord-Carlisle.

WSPN’s Delia Caulfield wrote about her imperfect journey with religion. Editor Genevieve Morrison spoke on her opinions that midterms should be canceled. Guest Writer Isabella Donovan talked about how thrifting can help the current climate crisis.

Staff Reporter Katya Luzarraga highlighted the unrelenting grip of racism on students. WSPN’s Danta Coppola updated his review of Donda Deluxe in the newest addition of Dante’s Discography. WSPN’s Emily Roberge shared her opinion that Antonio Brown should be kept out of the NFL but given the support he needs.