News Brief: Art exhibition and orchestra concert


Credit: Courtesy of the Creative Art Parents Association

On Thursday, Jan. 12 The art department will be hosting a winter art exhibition at 7 p.m with a performance from the orchestra following 30 minutes after.

Talia Macchi

On the night of Thursday, Jan. 12, two arts shows will take place at Wayland High School, featuring the work of many WHS students. The art department will be hosting a winter art exhibition at 7 p.m. in the commons with the annual winter orchestra concert following shortly after, at 7:30 in the theater. Both events are welcome to the public.

For the art exhibition, selected student artwork from the various art classes at WHS will be on display. The art classes include: Art 1 through Art 4, AP Studio Art, Digital Art and Photography, Ceramics, Painting and Jewelry and Metalsmithing. The pieces that will be shown are student projects from the first semester of the year. Due to COVID-19, there has not been an in-person art show since 2019.

“It will be nice to have students and families see their art work in person,” art teacher Amy O’Connell said. “It will be like a breath of fresh air. Having it with the orchestra concert will be nice with everyone walking in and out.”

In the theater, down the hall from the art exhibition, the sounds of the WHS orchestra will be on display. The orchestra will be performing various works from famous composers Gustav Holst, Edward Elgar and Edvard Grieg. The orchestra will also be showing off the works of Wayland’s resident composer Steve Laven and a junior Ciaran Murphy.

“Please take some time out of your evening to come and view some beautiful artwork, and see the students’ hard work from semester one,” O’Connell said.

The photo above is a flyer of the winter art show, which is hanging throughout the high school. The flyer contains art work from junior Belle Peredna and sophomore Mateus Phillips. (Credit: Anika Frutman and Abby Wrentmore)