Athlete of the Month: Jack Karbowski


Credit: Courtesy of Jack Karbowski

For the winter Wayland track team, Karbowski participated in the 100, 200, long jump, 4×200 and the 4×100 relay. Representing Wayland in many events, Karbowski made sure to push his limits during his practices. “I actually did the workouts instead of just walking around the track,” Karbowski said. “I never skipped; I went to every practice.”

Ellie Tyska

As a senior captain for the winter track team for Wayland High School, senior Jack Karbowski was able to finish off the season strong and make some history for Wayland track for the 4×2 relay and long jump.

At the state tournament, one of the most important events for the runners, Karbowski was able to score his best place ever throughout all his years running in the event. Not only was this a huge accomplishment for him, but it also pulled Karbowski up for an even more competitive event.

“[During my] senior year, I actually placed third [in States], which brought me to All-States,” Karbowski said.”It was a pretty good experience.”

Track consists of many types of events that the runners can do. Karbowski competes in several different events for the team.

“I run the 100, the 200 and long jump,” Karbowski said. “I also do the 4×200 and the 4×100 relay.”

At the Wayland Middle School, there is a competitive track team that is available to all of the students. With this open opportunity, Karbowski immediately knew that he wanted to join the team.

“I started running when I was in seventh grade for the middle school team,” Karbowski said. “I have just been a part of the middle school and high school track team.”

Starting from his freshman year up to his senior year on the team, Karbowski was able to contribute much success to the Wayland track team.

“[My success] started off freshmen year when I made it to [the state tournament] for the first time,” Karbowski said. “Then, sophomore year I placed seventh, [and] junior year I was fifth.”

For most people, track is an individualized sport that requires a lot of mental toughness. Karbowski’s deep passion for the sport drives him to push himself to his limits, increasing both his physical and mental strength as a runner.

“I run for myself,” Karbowski said. “I would say that track is almost a team sport, but in track, it’s almost focusing on yourself and how you can improve, so I run for myself.”

Although track may come with a lot of individuality, Karbowski enjoys the help from his teammates who push him to become a better runner.

“My teammates [push me], especially [junior] Sidney Toga because he is younger than me and he thinks he’s faster than me,” Karbowski said.

Along with his teammates, Karbowski dedicates much of his success to his own hard work and coaches.

“[I attribute my success to] myself and my two coaches, coach Rafuse and coach LaClaire,” Karbowski said.

Throughout all of his running career, Karbowski always enjoys his talent for the sport. As winter track comes to an end, Karbowski is preparing himself for his spring season with the Wayland track team.

“I feel free [when I run],” Karbowski said. “I’m good at running, so it makes me happy.”