Boys’ soccer defeats Nipmuc in Division 3 state finals (60 photos)

Remmi Shaw

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The boys’ varsity soccer team won their third state championship game in the past five years on Saturday. The Warriors defeated Nipmuc to earn the Division 3 State title. The game went into double overtime and then to penalty kicks where Wayland won 3-2. The game was at Woburn High School.

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  • Senior Jack Karbowski cuts across the field.

  • Senior Mateos Norian goes to settle the ball.

  • Freshman Jackson Dresens dribbles the ball up the field.

  • Senior captain Andrew D'Amico jumps to challenge the Nipmuc goalie.

  • Junior Kyle Mabe makes a move as he takes the ball down the field.

  • Senior captain Gage Fuller passes around Nipmuc senior Jackson Bukunt.

  • D'Amico makes a move with the ball on the sideline.

  • D'Amico falls after being tripped.

  • Senior Ben Johnson jumps over Nipmuc senior Andrew Joyyosi.

  • Norian passes the ball up the field.

  • Senior Christian Kiernan looks for passing options.

  • Senior Rafael Chaves settles the ball on the sideline.

  • Senior Devin Wong steps up to keep possession of the ball.

  • Kiernan jumps to take a header.

  • Norian darts across the field to create options.

  • Kiernan goes to cross the ball.

  • D'Amico volleys the ball in an attempt to score.

  • Kiernan jumps to pressure the goalie.

  • Dresens heads the ball down the field.

  • Johnson traps the ball in the defensive zone.

  • D'Amico chases the ball before it goes out of boundaries.

  • Wong falls towards the ball as he tries to gain possession.

  • Senior Jack Dretler passes the ball back up the field.

  • Norian prepares to control an incoming ball.

  • Johnson takes a step toward a ball that was sent to Wayland's defensive end.

  • Campana traps the ball.

  • Senior goalie Nick Smith pats senior Eric Greene on the back after a timeout.

  • Johnson jumps to head the ball.

  • Fuller runs at the ball to advance it up the field.

  • The team gathers at the goal during halftime to strategize.

  • Mabe looks upfield as the ball is passed to him.

  • Tyska attempts to head the ball into the goal, but Nipmuc goalie Colby Hegarty snatches the ball from the air.

  • Norian surveys the field before him.

  • Norian jumps to try to head an incoming volley.

  • Fuller speeds by his defender.

  • Chaves contests his defender as they both jump in the air to control an incoming pass.

  • Dretler jumps over the Nipmuc keeper in an attempt to score.

  • Smith looks on at the field before him while he decides where to send the ball.

  • Smith winds up to send the ball down the field.

  • Wong pursues a Nipmuc player as he tries to get the ball.

  • D'Amico takes a shot on goal.

  • D'Amico looks for a pass as he approaches the goal.

  • Norian follows through as he sends the ball toward Wayland's offensive end.

  • Smith steps forward to clear the ball out of his area.

  • After playing through two overtimes, the game advances to penalty kicks. The Warriors stand on midfield as they prepare to shoot.

  • Fans cheer as Wayland scores.

  • After Smith makes a game-winning save, his team sprints to him from half-field.

  • Players hug Smith in excitement.

  • Smith embraces junior Quinn Fay as the team continues to celebrate.

  • Smith reacts in shock after winning the State Championship game for his team.

  • Smith grabs his head in amazement and surprise.

  • Teammates celebrate and hug after winning the Divison 3 State Championship.

  • The Warriors line up as Athletic Director Heath Rollins presents them with their medals.

  • The State Championship trophy sits on the turf before being presented to Wayland.

  • Kiernan and D'Amico smile during the award ceremony.

  • Tyska shakes the hand of an MIAA official.

  • Fuller holds the trophy up to show to the onlooking crowd.

  • Class of 2018 graduate Ryan Tapply tackles Norian to the ground in excitement.

  • Fuller holds the trophy with pride.

  • The team stands proud with its championship banner.

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