Politipress: Effects of the final presidential debate

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Politipress: Effects of the final presidential debate

Isabel Gitten

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On Wednesday the October 19th, many Americans gathered around their TVs to watch the third and final presidential debate. The debate was held in Las Vegas, which seemed fitting given that is a place where many mindless things are done and said.

This debate was more controlled than the previous ones. The candidates spent the first part of the debate actually discussing their stances on issues.

There were no surprises here. On the issue of abortion, Trump was pro-life while Clinton was pro-choice. On the issue of choosing a Supreme Court justice, Trump stated his nominees would make conservative decisions like protecting the Second Amendment while Clinton said she would nominate judges who would protect women’s and LGBT rights. On the issue of immigration, Trump advocated for his wall on the Mexican border while Clinton stated she wants to initiate a comprehensive immigration reform that does not tear families apart.

The divide on issues between the candidates was expected.

Around halfway through the debate, Americans began to get bored. The candidates had made it considerably far without either having any big scandals or mistakes. This was rare.

But, low and behold, when Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election, he hit us with a big statement: “I will look at it at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, okay?”

Wow. This surely shocked America. Trump is the first candidate to run for president to say that he is unsure if he will accept the results of the election. The man who is running for leader of our country wants to keep the American people in suspense. Is that supposed to be comforting?

In a rally in Delaware, Ohio last Thursday, Trump went further and said “I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win.”

Declaring that he will only accept our democracy if it benefits him is frightening. He is acting about as mature as a toddler.

It’s like Trump is about to lose a game with his big sister and then suddenly cries out that she has been cheating, the game is rigged, and nothing is fair.

Trump must accept the results of the election like any mature adult would. Democracy is not one-sided. Trump cannot claim that the election is unfair if he loses, and then turn around and accept it if he wins.

His hinting of denial of the election results follows his many accusations of a rigged election. It is important to realize how Trump’s statements can affect future elections. The accusation of voting fraud and rigged elections can force people–who don’t realize that Trump’s accusations are false–to push for tighter and more selective voting laws.

What makes our democracy so strong is how any American–no matter social status or anything else–can vote in our election. By creating stricter laws and regulations to allow people to vote, many Americans will be excluded from this right.

Trump’s words are detrimental.

Trump’s accusations of the unfairness of the election can have effects that extended past this election.

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