Artist of the Month: Katherine Lambert

Sophomore Katherine Lambert reflects on her growth as an artist over the past several years. Pictured above is one of her favorite art pieces. She created three different scenes divided into separate panels to create a triptych. “Generally speaking, I focus on portraits of people in my art, but I’ve been trying to practice drawing other things as well, like wider scenes,” Lambert said. “When I draw people, I don’t always draw it very realistically, but I like to focus on making my drawings expressive.” (Credit: Courtesy of Katherine Lambert)

Sophomore art student Katherine Lambert has always loved to draw. She discovered her passion and talent for art at a very young age. In middle school, Lambert was inspired by her peers and has continued to grow and learn from others. Her favorite medium is drawing in pencil because it allows her to easily shade and add tiny details. The art classes at WHS have taught her to be more patient and take the time she needs to improve her pieces. Although Lambert isn’t sure what career path she will pursue yet, she knows that art will always be a part of her life.

How were you introduced to art?

“I’ve liked to draw ever since I was little. I used to follow drawing tutorials online to practice. In middle school, I really started to try to improve my art because I had several friends who were very talented, and I tried to learn from them.”

Over the years, how have you progressed as an artist?

“My drawing style has changed a lot, and I’ve learned about how to plan out my drawings with shapes, which helps make a much better drawing.”

How has WHS art classes impacted you?

“I’ve loved the classes I’ve taken. One of the things I’ve struggled with as an artist is consistency and remembering to practice often, so taking classes where I’m kept on-schedule and I have people to talk to about my art is really helpful.”

What is your favorite medium to use?

“My favorite medium would probably just be pencil, but I also like using markers or paint when I want to add color. I find that pencil allows me to add fine details while still allowing me to do shading pretty easily. It’s easier for me to make better art when I have that type of control with the medium I use.”

What is your favorite art piece you’ve made and why?

“My favorite art piece would probably be the triptych I made earlier this year. It took me a really long time to do and I’m really proud of the amount of detail and effort I put into it.”

Do you have any future plans for your art?

“I’m not sure. I’ll definitely never stop drawing or creating art, but as of right now I don’t know what I want to do in the future. I think I’d really enjoy art school, but I have a lot of interests, so I can’t say for sure what I want to do.”