ICYMI: Week of January 23 – Wrestling returns, 2021 reflection and plans for the new year


Credit: Nat Hsu

Tess Alongi

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Tess Alongi summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.

Staff Reporter Annabelle Zhang discussed the Chicago teacher strike with Wayland faculty. Staff Reporter Nadya Chase previewed the winter week schedule. Editor Tess Alongi talked to members of Sewing Club and the Green Team about their slow fashion show where they hope to bring awareness to the fast fashion climate crisis.

WSPN’s Charlotte Thirman and Olivia Tawakol talked to Wayland community members about celebrating Michael O’Conner.

“Beloved third-grade teacher Michael O’Connor was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017,” Thirman and Tawakol said. “Recently, teachers at the Loker Elementary School organized a district-wide surprise in honor of his 55th birthday, collecting birthday cards from students across the Wayland schools.”

Editor Sammy Johnson talked to members of the wrestling team about their return to wrestling following last years cancelation due to COVID-19.

“With the wrestling season being shut down last year due to COVID-19, the team geared up this year after not being able to in two years,” Johnson said. “The wrestling team had big shoes to fill this season after many impactful upperclassmen graduated.”

Staff Reporter Kris Poole-Evans highlighted Kaya Oleson as the artist of the month. WSPN’s Gabe Likerman compiled a list of the top 10 things to do over quarantine.

Staff Reporter Nina Wilson talked to WHS students and teachers about their plans for the new year. Staff Reporter Penelope Biddle reported on the National Arts Honors Society on their annual winter week art show.

Staff Reporter Kally Proctor reflected on 2021 and the biggest events of the year. Staff Reporter Talia Macchi shared her opinions on the Wayland water problem and the high number of plastic water bottles that have been used as a result.

WSPN’s Jonathan Zhang talked about with the college application process coming to an end, the importance of finding a coping mechanism. WSPN’s Emily Roberge talked about the grieving process and asked herself a hard question: how am I supposed to grieve the loss of a friend?

Guest Writer Sophie Simmons created an editorial cartoon that shared the hypocrisy of wearing a mask at WHS. Staff Reporter Emily Roberge spoke about Wayland’s culture of body image and eating disorders.