Latest Recalls: Chocolate and Coffee

Sasha Pansovoy

We all remember the toy recall last year; many Fisher-Price toys were recalled due to a lead poisoning scare. Of course, no one wants their child to get lead poisoning. Now, the recalls have been announced on such popular items as chocolate or coffee.

Recently, seven hundred tons of milk powder were recalled because the chemical melamine was discovered in Cadbury factories (a British candy company), located in Beijing. Melamine is a chemical that is used to make durable plastics and cleaning products, and it is also found in many countertops, glues, dry erase boards, fabrics, and flame-retardants. According to MSNBC news, melamine can cause kidney disease. The Cadbury chocolate companies are taking their chocolates off the market only in Australia and Asia. In addition to the chocolate, melamine was mixed with baby formulas made in China, causing at least 1,200 babies to become sick with kidney stones. 54,000 children are currently hospitalized because of illnesses related to products that contain melamine. The baby formula made in China is owned by Nestle. WSPN contacted Nestle, but Nestle did not respond.

Should we be concerned for our own safety? Yes, but not too concerned. Cadbury sent WSPN a list of affected chocolates. According to Cadbury, all the chocolates that it sells to the U.S. are safe, and we can “continue enjoying their products with confidence.” The first website below lists the products recalled by Cadbury.

The only candy being taken off the market in the U.S. is White Rabbit Candy, manufactured by Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food, Ltd. in China. White Rabbit Candy is very similar to western nougat or taffy, creamy and chewy.

In addition to White Rabbit Candy, “Seven Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea products manufactured in China are being recalled due to possible contamination with melamine,” according to the Food and Drug Administration. Mr. Brown instant coffee is sold in the U.S. The FDA found high traces of melamine in M&M’s, Oreos, and Snickers, but the U.S. doesn’t need to be concerned; the contaminated Snickers bars, Oreos, and M&M’s are only sold in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and possibly New Zealand.

In a non-melamine related recall, The Hershey Company is also recalling its 7.25-ounce bottles of Hershey’s Chocolate Shell Topping “because they contain undeclared almonds,” the FDA announced. They are most concerned with the topping purchased after July 8th.

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