Wandering Backpack: Meg Kuhn

Wandering Backpack asks what you would bring if you had 10 minutes to pack a bag with your most treasured items, knowing you wouldn’t be back for years.

Sneakers: I would want to stay active, and none of the sports I play could be brought with me.

Bathing suit: I love swimming, and if there was water somewhere I would definitely be going in.

Fuzzy socks: They’re so comfortable, and they’re nice to warm up your feet after a long day.

Notebook: So I can write down my thoughts.

Sun glasses: If it’s sunny you want to be able to see.

Camera: I like to think that I’m artsy. I take a lot of pictures because they are my memories.

Giraffe: I have an obsession with giraffes, and they also remind me of home, so I’d have a piece of home with me wherever I go.

Phone: I’d want to stay connected with my friends, and that’s how I’d do it.

Water bottle: To stay hydrated.

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