Teachers define modern teenage slang


WSPN asked teachers to define the common slang students used at WHS. History teacher Kay Bassen correctly defined all eight slang terms.

Lit: When something is great/exciting
Mrs. Bassen: “Lit means ‘it’s awesome’”
Mr. Vibert: “Lit means if something is really cool or great”
Ms. Pitcairn: “If something is lit, that means it’s very good, high energy, and you’re having a good time.”
Mrs. Miller: “It’s great and right.”
Mr. Shiffler: “It’s good.”

Lettuce: When a guy has flow (cool looking long hair)
Mrs. Bassen: “Good hair”
Mr. Vibert: “I’m just going to guess, it’s when they have money.”
Mrs. Pitcairn: “I haven’t heard that one, but I’m assuming money.”
Mrs. Miller: “Lettuce means they have money.”
Mr. Shiffler: “No… as in the food?”

Salty: When someone is still mad at another person for something that happened earlier
Mrs. Bassen: “Like sassy and even a bit obnoxious.”
Mr. Vibert: “Oh, it means they’re like cranky or angry.”
Mrs. Pitcairn: “If someone is salty, it means that they’re mouthing off to you, they’re sort of contentious and they like to get in fights.”
Mrs. Miller: “They’re fresh.”
Mr. Shiffler: “If you’re salty, you’re like kind of angry.”

Gucci: When something is good, or high quality
Mrs. Bassen: “Like, it’s good.”
Mr. Vibert: “Cool, but in a different way, like ‘it’s okay with me.’”
Mrs. Pitcairn: “That means that it’s really cool, and good quality, like ‘it’s all gucci.’”
Mrs. Miller: “Very high fashion.”
Mr. Shiffler: “No idea.”

Che: “good”, “ok”
Mrs. Bassen: “Another form of awesome, and what Everett [Tillett] says all the time.”
Mr. Vibert: “I have no idea”
Mrs. Pitcairn: “I don’t know.”
Mrs. Miller: “Cool.”
Mr. Shiffler: “Moving on, please.”

To throw shade: To insult or gossip about someone
Mrs. Bassen: “Oh, I throw shade all day. It’s like being sassy, but also awesome because throwing shade is great.”
Mr. Vibert: “They’re insulting somebody else, but they’re doing it in specifically a sneaky way.”
Mrs. Pitcairn: “If you throw shade, it means you’re talking down to someone.”
Mrs. Miller: “You would be lying to me.”
Mr. Shiffler: “When you’re mean to someone or ignore them.”

Fly: When someone looks cool
Mrs. Bassen: “Amazing and hot.”
Mr. Vibert: “Cool.”
Mrs. Pitcairn: “It means they’re cool.”
Mrs. Miller: “Looking good”
Mr. Shiffler: “Fly, what thats old. It means you’re looking good”

Neck: When someone says/does something extremely foolish and people call them out on it.
Ms. Bassen: “Oh gosh, if I hear this one more time I’m going to lose my mind. It basically just means dissing someone.”
Mr. Vibert: “Oh wow. I’ve never heard that one before.”
Ms. Pitcairn: “That means you did something extremely dumb that you really shouldn’t have.”
Ms. Miller: “I don’t really know.”
Mr. Shiffler: “No idea.”

Final Standings: And the winner is….. Ms. Bassen
Ms. Bassen: 8/8
Ms. Pitcairn: 6/8
Mr. Vibert: 5/8
Ms. Miller: 3/8
Mr. Shiffler: 3/8