Artist of the Week: Will Danforth

Caitlin Newton

Danforth soloed in the T-Tones’ medley of Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer and Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. For more Wayland A Cappella videos, check out their Youtube channel here.

Will Danforth, co-director of Wayland High School Testostertones, will be taking his musical talents past Wayland High School, as he plans on pursuing singing at a music college next year. Although performing on a stage is scary for most people, it isn’t for Danforth.

“For me, [performing] is not only therapeutic, but it’s [also] fun. Being on stage is where I’m the most comfortable. When I sing I become a different person,” Danforth said.

Singing has been a big aspect of Danforth’s life ever since he was a young boy.

“I started singing before preschool. When I was really young, my mom would take me to a music group for toddlers. I started singing there, and then I sang all the way up to kindergarten through grade school, [and until] now,” Danforth said.

Danforth says being a regular member of a cappella was fun because he didn’t have a lot of responsibility, and he got to hang out with his friends. As a director, his role is a different– he takes on a larger administrative responsibility.

“We have to coordinate with [the] administration to make sure we have concerts on time,” Danforth said. “We have to figure out ticket prices, we have to figure out if we are making another album, and [we need to] find gigs to go different places–we sing at Traditions or other schools or [places] like that.”

As a director of the T-Tones, Danforth has to put in more time and effort due to the extra responsibilities of being a director versus being a regular member. However, he says it is all worth it.

Although he loves the T-Tones’ music, Danforth says spending time with friends is his favorite part of a cappella.

“The fact that different people can come together to make songs just using their own singing [is really cool]. [However,] the guys I’m in the group with, and all the people that I get to sing with are almost like a family to me,” Danforth said.

His comfort on stage has given him the ability to be able to pursue singing in college next year.

“[Singing has] completely changed my life, [and] it’s the career path I’m choosing. I’m going to a music college, it’s a hobby that I’ve kept through my entire life. It’s kind of something I base my character around. I’m very excited to sing in college.”