WW ’18 MOTS: Is hypnosis real?

WHS students share their opinions on hypnosis.

WHS students share their opinions on hypnosis.

Jackie Stoller and Abby Mitty

On Monday, January 29th WHS students attended Peter Gross’ hypnotist show in the auditorium. WSPN interviewed students who were hypnotized and attended the show.

Amanda Armstrong, junior
“Right now, everything from last night seems hazy. I was in control of my body, and I wanted to do whatever I was doing on stage. I don’t think that hypnosis really takes over your mind, but I think if you want to do it, you are able to. You do it to yourself.”

Abby Blumenfeld, senior
“I believe in it and I think that hypnosis is real. Definitely some people were hypnotized on stage. Not everybody, but definitely some.”

Sam Pool, junior
“A lot of people were hypnotized, but I basically faked it. Honestly, I was trying to be in the show when I was in the audience.”

Kate Balicki, junior
“I think hypnosis is definitely real. When I was up there on stage, I had no stage fright, which I usually do. I was really relaxed and calm, and just really wanted to do everything he was saying to do. I was totally focused on everything he was saying. If he said to complete a task, it felt like I had to complete it. I do remember it, but it’s a little fuzzy.”

Eden Vanslette, junior
“I do think it’s real. I felt like I just wanted to do anything that he said. I just felt like I was almost half awake, but I do remember it now. During the show, I was very relaxed and wasn’t afraid to do anything. I wasn’t embarrassed at all. I also wasn’t affected by the audience, which is weird because usually you’re affected by the people around you. Afterwards, I felt very well rested.”

Brooks Jones, junior
“I do think it’s real. If people were to do the stuff they did without being hypnotized, they would have been laughing. I wouldn’t go on stage because I have stage fright.”

Editor’s note: Kate Balicki and Eden Vanslette are members of WSPN.

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