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  • Laura Cole, LSRHS guidance counselor, is chosen as next assistant principal of WHS

  • Wayland recognized as a Best Community for Music Education by NAMM for 10th straight year

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  • Junior Kyle Chen places third in national piano competition

  • WHSTE's "Pronoun" qualifies for state finals at Old John Hancock Hall

  • Retirement party for Happy Hollow Principal Jim Lee on June 6, send favorite memories to [email protected]

  • Class of 2021 selects the Hyatt Regency Boston as next year's prom venue

  • Class of 2022 runs mattress fundraiser

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  • Seniors Lauren Campbell, Eric McGonagle, Myle Larsen to host Progressive Dinner on March 30

Student Council presidential candidates speak

Larissa Franklin

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As the end of the race for Student Council President draws near, WSPN asked each of the candidates four questions, giving them the opportunity to get their messages out to the entire Wayland population as well as give the Wayland High School population the opportunity to compare answers from the candidates side by side. We have published the answers from the candidates who sent in responses.

Andrew Pilkington/ Scott Smith/ Dan Defina S.C. Administration

1. Why do you want to be President of Student Council?
I’ve been involved in student government at WHS for several years. I have always served my school to the best of my abilities. I feel, if people elect you to a position, you should do everything humanly possible to do the job as best as it can be done. No shortcuts, no bs, just you and the people you work for. For two years, I was elected to and served on the class of 2010’s Executive Board. During my tenure on the E-Board I helped come up with many successful fundraisers that enabled our class to host numerous fantastic events, including: Prom, Cotillion, and the Semi-Formal. In addition to serving on the E-Board, I was a member of the 2009 Prom Committee. This year I organized a team of students from every grade to write and produce a TV show that will air on Waycam in late May. I have a history of bringing people together who would never otherwise speak to each other, to create something everyone can enjoy equally. In 8th grade, my running mate [Scott Smith] and I put together a team of 8 people from all social areas of our class to host a class wide event, which 94 percent of our class attended. The main reason I am running for Student Council President is to serve the Students of Wayland High School. I believe the job of the student government is to work for the students it serves. Too many times student governments act with little or no input from the student body. Our administration intends to change that by widening the channel of communication between the Student Council and the student body.

2. What initiatives do you plan to implement next year? Our Administration is different from others because our goals pertain not only to school events like Dodgeball and Winter Week, but also to school funding and infrastructure. Here is a list of 10 priority goals we will work to accomplish while in office.

I. Our school is literally falling apart at the seams. Our administration will pressure the town into fixing our facilities including the cracks and holes in our walkways and parking lots.
II. Programs are being cut left and right. Our administration will not allow money to run out for all of these beloved institutions. We will have huge profit making fundraisers managed by Treasurer Dan Defina to help keep programs going in tough times.
III. A new “Green” Home-Work Initiative, aimed at cutting down on paper use and utilizing technology including more extensive use of email for homework.
IV. Many people are unhappy with the new lunch system. We will find a compromise which the school administration and the student body can agree upon.
V. Our administration will organize a school wide community service project voted on by all grades.
VI. In place of one or two Dodgeball tournaments per year, we will have one at the end of every quarter.
VII. New Spirit Day games TBD
VIII. Instead of a 3-Day Winter Week, we will push for a fourth day with brand new events and guests.
IX. Revamp the Fall Fun Fair by relocating it to a high traffic location to increase attendance.
X. Create a spring BBQ, collaborated by all four class E-Boards.

3. What is one message that you wish to communicate to the students of Wayland High School?
There is one thing above all else that I want to make clear, we work for you. I work for you, the students of Wayland High School. I’m not running to list an activity on my college application. I’m not running because I like power and attention. I’m running because I believe, no, I insist on making this school we love so much, a better place for all of us–a place we can enjoy and learn in with some of of the best teachers and resources in the country. Wayland High School is a wonderful place; but I believe together we can make it better for all our benefits. The Student Council cannot do this by itself, we need every student to do their part. Talk to each other, break down the invisible walls that separate us into groups. Keep our school clean and green; if you see trash lying on the ground, pick it up and throw it away. If someone puts paper in the trash can, take it out and recycle it. Treat each other kindly with dignity and respect. Instead of complaining about events and activities, help us come up with new ones that everyone will enjoy. We will always do our part for you, but it’s a two-way street. Reciprocation is the key to every good relationship.

4. Can you give us one strength and one weakness of Wayland High School?

There are so many strengths of Wayland High School that it is extremely hard to choose just one. The one that comes to mind is the spirit and sure will of the students. Every student at this school is devoted to something, whether it be a sport or club. What they all share is the commitment and enthusiasm for what they love doing no matter what. If there is one weakness of Wayland High School, it is the lack of access to its student governments. In every campaign promise the candidates always say “you can talk to us anytime.” This is true if you know where you can find them. Our administration will be an open administration. To guarantee you have an active role in your student government, the Student Council will be hosting monthly public forums open to all students. In addition to this new way to make students voices heard, there will be an open invitation to any Student Council meeting. To insure our administration is transparent, the Student Council Facebook group will be open to viewing by all students on the Wayland High School network. Our administration is fully committed to making sure every student has input in the government that serves him or her.

Lauren Jenny

1. Why do you want to be President of Student Council?
I want to be the Student Council President because I want to help the school. That is the main reason I am running. I want the students to have the most fun this next year that they can with all of the activities that the student council plans, such as field day and winter week. I have been on student council since my sophomore year so I feel as though I understand how the process works. I have helped and watched the past presidents do their job, and I am fully aware of the time that this job requires. I also understand what needs to be done in order to make this the best year possible. Therefore, I think I could do a good job in replicating the success in past years and bring more success for the future.

2. What initiatives do you plan to implement next year?
To start, I am not making any promises. Unfortunately, I can not promise to lower the lunch prices or convince teachers to not give homework because no matter how hard one tries, it simply would not happen. Student Council has no control over doing so. However, Travis Downs (my vice President) and I have plans for next year. First, field day was a great success this past year. It was the first year and the student council officers (and student council) did an amazing job when organizing it. Travis and I plan to keep this event a tradition, and improve it with more activities. Second, we plan to start contacting performers and presenters as early as possible for winter week. If we do so, Wayland High School could have a four or five day winter week. Third, Travis and I plan to have a Battle of the Bands. We know there are a lot of bands in Wayland, and in surrounding towns and we would love to have them all get together to play! Most importantly, we will ask the students what they would like to see improved, and we will put as much effort in as we can to make it happen. We will take all suggestions from all Wayland high School students.

3. What is one message that you wish to communicate to the students of Wayland High School?
One message I would like to communicate is that Travis and I are running for all of you, the students of Wayland High School. We are running because we want to make a difference. We want to help. We want to unite the school and ensure everyone has the most fun that they can in between schoolwork, tests, papers, and after school activities.

4. Can you give us one strength and one weakness of Wayland High School?
One strength at Wayland High School is the spirit we have. It was seen at field day. Each grade was told to wear a color, but instead, many went out to buy crazy outfits to show their spirit for their grade and their school. It is also evident at football games where people wear their varsity jackets, paint their faces/bodies and most importantly, wear orange and black. It’s a great site when you see a school united through the spirit, and that is one thing I love about Wayland High School. This is one aspect Travis and I want to keep going next year, and increase even more. Also, our high school students and teachers are always there to help each other in a time of need. For example, Ms. Lowen, and Ms. Rainoff are participating in a walk to raise money for cancer. Knowing this, the juniors class raised their prom ticket prices $5 each and gave the total amount to Ms. Rainoff and Ms. Lowen as a donation.
One weakness at Wayland High School is the litter around campus. It’s important to clean up after yourself, but many students don’t think to do so. Sometimes they leave their lunches sitting on the table and then leave, so the administration or a nice student walking by has to pick up after them. We should take care of our school surroundings.

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